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Seriously Snow?

27 Mar

Well, my plans for getting kids out in pasture and following their moms took a hit.  Luckily I watched the weather report Saturday evening and had time to prepare.

Maybeline on pasture at sunset

I already had Perdita shut in because she slept outside with Moxie the night before–her poor ears were nipped with frostbite. I hope they will heal without losing any of them.

We had sleet overnight that also turned into snow.

Trying to go out to pasture during a short break in the snow.

Antigone was sheltering under the picnic table, so I had to put her in with Perdita. Luckily, they are done with fighting and can get along again.

And it lasted off and on most of the day.

Casey and Maisie in the barn door.

I was too lazy to switch to a macro lens, but they were perfect snowflakes!

Seriously. I know it’s still March, but I really need the weather to cooperate for a little bit to get these kids going.  Instead I had to shut them all back in the garage overnight.

Why do I only see big goats?

And it stayed cold, so they spent most all day in there.

Nobody wants to share the buck room with Athena but kids.

I do not think the sparrows were happy with their confinement in the garage, but it’s my garage. I can shut the doors if I want to.

sparrow perched on the barn swallow nest.

I have to prepare for the next round of kidding. Go away snow.

Roger and Anita in the hay tub.

I’m also tired of feeding hay.  I still have plenty in the barn.

That’s still a nice stack before I’d have to start throwing it out of the loft.

And I think what’s in the middle will still last so I don’t have to touch what’s in the loft, but still…

I put a bale of hay out in the evening for the moms and old ladies.

I’m really ready for real spring.

A Little Extra

22 Feb

You already know about Victoria and Dolly coming in and getting extra feed.

Victoria eating her extra corn

I tried to keep it going with the little girls, but they are horrible. I can not go through the door without them rushing it and trying to break in. Pretzel is the worst.


So I finally came up with another plan to give them a little extra.

Pretzel and Ostara in the middle part of the barn where the hay is.

They get to go into the middle part of the barn where I have the hay.  They get to eat with nobody bothering them while I do the rest of chores.

Ostara and Pretzel with a jealous Casey in the doorway

It works. Pretzel did this all last year, so she’s a pro.  And they are working on a bale that is mostly alfalfa, so it has more protein to put some weight on them.


Ostara is still not quite sure about it.  And she really hasn’t figured out that when it’s time to go out she shouldn’t make me run in circles and lunge over the bale of hay to grab her back leg.


Hopefully, it gets better. Or spring gets here. One or the other.

Leftover Friday!

3 Feb

Our weather has been up and down all week, and it looks like we’re supposed to have a nice weekend.  I hope so.



So hard to get a good picture of Salem


Hilda in the middle of her girls Purl (behind) and Rosie (front)


sunflare sunset

Antigone and Xerxes up north

Salem and Sky–they make me laugh


bright late afternoon sunshine


Hopefully, we can. make it back to reasonable.  I think I’m about ready for spring to make an appearance.