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Not How It Works

25 Oct

We’ve had lots of rainy days that make the barnyard muddy.  I also have starte feeding the whole herd a bit of corn to start getting them used to it for the winter.  The goats are horrible about making me spill corn and they dump my pans.  Margarita seems to have found an alternate way to use the food pans while eating.


It really isn’t supposed to work that way.

Another Weekend Without the Camera

29 Sep

I had good intentions of taking lots of pictures this weekend, so I could flood you with goat pictures.  There’s two reasons I didn’t take many pictures this weekend.  The first is the weather.  I managed to sneak out to pasture for a couple of minutes on Thursday when the weather was nice.

Astra, Pistol, and Antigone

We had rain of Friday and we had rain all day on Sunday.  It was afternoon before the goats finally gave up and headed out to pasture.

Margarita, Moose, Sidney, and Ringo

By the time the sun peeked out for a few minutes, I had to take advantage of it to do chores.

Pipsqueak and Penny

It’s only been 1 1/2 weeks out of 3 that I’m supposed to be wearing the shoe the podiatrist gave me.


It’s wet enough double bagging it isn’t enough, and we’re supposed to get a lot more rain on Tuesday.  It seems like we only have three types of weather in Iowa–too wet, too dry, and too windy.


I guess I shouldn’t complain though since it’s rain and not snow.

A Crappy Week

14 Jul

I mean that literally.  It’s that time when I could no longer delay my barn cleaning for the summer.

My tools of the trade.

Since the main barn didn’t get cleaned out last year because of my laziness, pulled muscles, lack of time, and poor weather, it was first on my list.

I started with the wheelbarrow and making a pile on last year’s compost pile that will eventually get hauled to a place that needs it, but I quickly realized I was going to run out of room.

My dear nephew had the manure spreader delived to the barn door.

I’m making progress.  It’s slow progress because I’m old and can’t scoop for eight or ten hours a day anymore.

After 3 1/2 days with the manure spreader, I’m really starting to get it filled up. Seriously, my goal is to be done with shoveling manure by the first of August.  I think I can do that.

Although, my progress is messing with the llamas.  Aurora likes to stand in the doorway, and there’s a deep trench there now.  They don’t want to stand on the floor because it smells.  The poop pack is actually pretty clean and dry until I mess with it.  The llama poop piles are another story–they’re disgusting.

Aurora (and Maybeline peeking in)

Aurora got mad and was spitting at Maybeline who just wanted to walk past, but there wasn’t enough room on the poop pack.

When I’m done, those dang llamas need to make their piles outside instead of thinking they have indoor plumbing.

Since I first started the post, I have officially finished the first section!  Woo hoo!

Maybeline (post spitting match with Odie)

It’s all loaded onto the manure spreader.

To get an idea of how big the spreader is (and how far up I have to toss all that manure), you can see Odie beside it. (You can see just her head in the picture above.)

It’s no wonder I’m feeling my age.  And I’m feeling better about my self-imposed end-of-the-month goal for finishing.