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Fence Rows

31 Oct

We’ve had a couple of rainy days, but even though the skies were gray, it stopped raining and provided me with the opportunity for an afternoon walk.


I went through the bean field now that it’s empty.

cloudy skies and fence

I noticed there’s some trees that need cut out of the fence row.  The goats aren’t allowed in here, or they would keep the fence rows completely cleaned out.

trees in fence row

If I don’t do it while they are small, they’ll end up like this.

fence in tree

fence in tree

I don’t need more giant trees with fences through their trunks.

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30 Oct

You’ve got to love the xanthophyll and its contribution to our fall beauty.

hickory nut tree in fall

Not a lot of xanthophyll in the next two, but I like the red-tailed hawk flying.

red-tailed hawk flying

red-tailed hawk flying

Maybe a little evening light to emphasize the xanthophyll.

goats in evening pasture

Xanthophyll:  a yellow crystalline pigment, C40H56O2, found in plants; lutein: it is related to carotene and is the basis of the yellow seen in autumn leaves.  (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

MJ and Djali

MJ and Djali

Thank goodness its timing is perfect for joining Alphabe-Thursday for the letter X.  I’m also sharing with Rurality Blog Hop.

Downey Woodpecker

29 Oct

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of the little downey woodpeckers.

downey woodpecker

It’s always fun to see them.  I need to get my winter bird feeders out.

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