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A Pretty Walk

18 Oct

I wanted to go for a walk in the Back Forty before the shagbark hickory tree lost its beautiful bright yellow color.  I didn’t notice I was also photographing some of the local wildlife.  Do you see it?


How about now.  I didn’t even see the deer next to the fence until I got the photos onto my computer.


By the time out got to the tree, the deer was gone.


Glad I at least got to see it in the photos.

I do hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  I have this week’s items at the top of my side bar.

Beautiful Blaze

1 Nov

The pumpkin patch is closed, but I’m still trying to get caught up.

Blaze Blackboer

Blaze Blackboer

That means you just get a picture of my beautiful Blaze tonight.


30 Oct

You’ve got to love the xanthophyll and its contribution to our fall beauty.

hickory nut tree in fall

Not a lot of xanthophyll in the next two, but I like the red-tailed hawk flying.

red-tailed hawk flying

red-tailed hawk flying

Maybe a little evening light to emphasize the xanthophyll.

goats in evening pasture

Xanthophyll:  a yellow crystalline pigment, C40H56O2, found in plants; lutein: it is related to carotene and is the basis of the yellow seen in autumn leaves.  (Webster’s New World College Dictionary)

MJ and Djali

MJ and Djali

Thank goodness its timing is perfect for joining Alphabe-Thursday for the letter X.  I’m also sharing with Rurality Blog Hop.