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Kicking Myself

30 Jul

I have very specific foot instructions.  I am only allowed not to wear the surgical shoe in the shower and in bed.  They even suggested it might be a good idea to wear the shoe to bed in case I had to go to the bathroom in the night.  I wouldn’t forget to put it on that way.  Well, every night (I’m getting older) I go to the bathroom and remember to take the shoe off the pillow beside me and put it on.  No problems.  Until this morning.

feet in bed

Shortly after the sun came up, I was woke by the sound of a peacock crying its alarm right outside my window.  In a panic, I was on my feet and had taken the two steps to the window to check it out before I was actually awake.  When I saw a young male instead of all my birds loose and being eaten by predators, I turned back to bed.  Then it hit me.  I wasn’t wearing the shoe.  It hurts.


Darn visitor.  I’m sure he came from my neighbor.  I’ve had them come here before.  The older dominant male chases the young ones off.  You can tell he’s a young one because, even though he has his bright neck colors, he still doesn’t have a tail.  He’ll get a short one his second year, and longer the next year, but it takes until they are about four-years-old before they grow a full tail.

Peacock 137ew

By the time I got up, he’d found my peafowl in their pen.  This poor guy is lonely and wants company.

peacock pen

My male is already pacing inside the pen, ready to defend his girls if he has to.

adult male peacock

He’s crying a warning to the young interloper.  He’d better not come any closer.

screaming peacock

Poor guy.  He’s welcome to stay here outside the pen, but he really wouldn’t want to go inside.

Peacock 109ew

Someone’s keeping an eye on him.

male peacock

If only he hadn’t come with such a loud cry, I wouldn’t have jumped out of bed.  Now, I’m kicking myself.  No.  That would hurt my toe too.

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My Vacation Pictures

24 Jul

I think things have slowed down a bit on the farm.  Mostly what I’ve been doing since the toe surgery is editing photos and starting a web page to go pro with the portraits.  Since I’ve mostly been editing photos, I thought I’d share a few vacation pictures with you.  The good thing about going to visit goatsisters is that my vacation pictures are still filled with farms and animals.  Today, I’m sharing the photo shoot with Mimi Foxmorton (aka The Goat Borrower) and her caprine family, Darla and her kids Finnian and Fergus.  I’m including the horses for Good Fences.

tulle and goats

Darla and Mimi Foxmorton



tulle and goats

leaping goat

country portrait

playing with goats bathtub

the goat borrower

tulle and goats

donkey laughing at goats

goat kisses in bathtub

twirling with goat

running with goats in pasture

Thanks so much to my goatsisters for the wonderful memories!  Hopefully, I’ll get to keep doing fun photo shoots.

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To Be Young Again

7 May

If only I could harness the energy of these young ones, I’d get so  much more done.  Someone thinks his grandma should hurry up and have her calf because he doesn’t think it’s fair that he doesn’t have anyone to play with.

black bull calf

Norma Jean’s calf

goat kids butting heads

Velma and Princess


spotted goat doeling


goat kids running in pasture

Hans and Princess


goat kid eating grass


goat kids climbing a tree

Of course, lots of snacks while you’re playing helps to keep up the energy levels.

goat kids nursing collage

Mary feeding Reggie and Ricky

As it is, in my old age,I prefer to dally in the pasture enjoying their youthful exuberance!

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