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Monday. Monday.

5 May

Time for The Good. The Random. The Fun.  We could all use more of all of those.

The Good.  Nothing like kisses from grandma to make you feel loved.

Maxine and Norma Jean's bull

Maxine and Norma Jean’s bull

The Random.  A random shot of MJ.  I do love this guy.



The Fun.  Nothing like hanging with the older kids in pasture and playing with them.

BB (Bambi's Buck) and Moose

BB (Bambi’s Buck) and Moose

goat kids playing collage goat kids playing

They certainly do know how to have fun.

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A Xanax Kind of Spring

30 Apr

It’s really been a month that has left me in a panic.  The sickness in the kids continues, despite vet visits.  I’ve lost three and am treating eight with antibiotics, which seems to be helping.  We’ve switched from thinking polio (thiamine defiency) to a bacterial infection.



I’m working really hard to figure out what’s going on before my last seven does get any closer to kidding.  It’s hard to diagnose, however, because most of the tests require examining brain tissue.  I didn’t send in the kids I lost because the others weren’t sick yet, and I didn’t know this was going to be an ongoing issue.  I’d like to prevent any more losses, so I’m trying to be creative in my diagnostics.  My vets are cooperative but tired of seeing me.

Vixen's buckling

Vixen’s buckling

My llama is not acting like himself, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with him.  All his vitals are good, so I’m going with the theory that he’s just getting old.  By my best account he has to be at the very least thirteen-years-old.



I had someone ask about Snickers the other day.  He’s eleven now and was diagnosed with cancer a year-and-a-half ago.  He’s doing quite well.  You’d never know he wasn’t in perfect shape if you didn’t look in his mouth.



I also have my seventeen-year-old steer who is doing well.



He does have some stumbling moments that make me nervous, and it’s really hard for him to get up, but he seems content.


Of course, Maxine wants to hang out with him and brings Norma Jean and the baby  bull with her, which continues the overcrowding in the barn and keeps it a wet mess.



That has contributed to issues such as hoof rot and lice.  It’s only the second time since I’ve had goats that I’ve had to do a mass treatment of lice.  Both times were after horrible cold winters keeping everyone inside.



Then there’s Stella.  She turned ten this spring.  When I was rubbing her belly this weekend, I felt that she appears to have tumors along her mammary glands on one side.  The vet will never be able to touch her, but I think it’s most likely that she has cancer.



This has certainly been a Xanax kind of spring.  It makes me wonder what I’m doing, but I can’t imagine my life not surrounded by all these animals.

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Moving the Big Boys

7 Apr

In keeping with my weekend task of moving all the animals around, I thought I’d share the last of my moves.  MJ has been on the front pasture with the non-mom goats, but he has a really hard time getting around, and there’s no way he can walk and eat enough.  He can’t go on the Back Forty with the cows because he’d try jumping them and finish himself off.

steer and goats in pasture

I decided to give him a section of the cattle lean to and then give him the area north of my barn.  The llama is annoyed because he had taken to chasing MJ away from the food and then napping on that big pile of hay.

cattle lean-to on barn

It’s big enough for him to have plenty of exercise, but it’s small enough I can easily feed him grain and hay and keep a water tub filled for him.  He also has a salt/mineral block.

steer eating hay

old steerI did remember to block the entrance to the small lean-to. If he tried going in there, we’d have to tear it down to get him out.


I did remember a couple of things I had to remove from the lean-to also.  Blaze was glad I remembered her kids.

sleeping goat kids

It’s also close enough that I can give him a lot of attention!  That’s a good thing!

steer licking hand

I also had my two big bucks shut in the small paddock off the front pasture.

billy goats

It takes a lot to shut them in somewhere.  My red gate is good, but they are sometimes even better at getting out.  They tend to butt things and even managed to completely loosen the panel so I had a little girl join them in there.  Yikes!

shut gate

I used some specialist equipment to fix that problem.  Twine is as handy as duct tape!

twine knot

They were turned out onto the front pasture, since all the other goats are now on the Back Forty.  Of course, you have to stop and try to rub some of that winter coat off on your way out to pasture.  They all seem to think it’s fun to rub against the fences.

buck rubbing on gate

Finally, a random sleeping kid.

sleeping kid

Everyone has been moved for the summer.  Easy peasy!

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