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A Consolation

1 Oct

When I left for vacation in July, I was actually getting close to having my yard under control.  By the time I got back, the area where the magnolia tree used to be was out of control.

Without the shade, the weeds just grow like crazy, and I never could get it back under control this summer.

But, now that the weeds are eight feet tall and producing tons of seed so that it will be even worse next year, I have found a bit of a consolation prize.

The birds are thrilled to have the seeds to snack on.  I guess I’ll call it good and worry about it next year.

Catch Up

27 Aug

Now that I am back to teaching full time, my weekends are for catching up.  Last weekend, I had to do copper in the goats again.  I still prefer the peanut method.

copper hidden in the peanut shells

Some goats cooperate with that.


But there’s a whole lot of them that make me use the pill pusher.  I’m not a fan of this new pusher, but at least it can’t come apart and end up in a goat stomach.

The goats were not very cooperative (shocking, I know), so I swear I was catching those stragglers all week.  I just finished with Benji and Frodo today.  But it’s done!  I’m caught up with copper for a little while.

The garden is another thing I have to catch up on.  I’m struggling to get it picked.  I have to pick the tomatoes when they are just starting to turn or the bugs get them.  The bugs are horrible this year.

I already spent Friday evening canning tomatoes.  This is a box ready to go to my mom.  I have one more batch, and then I’ll be done canning for me.

This is my plan for tomorrow.  That is more than enough to finish my canning.

Of course, I am still planning on doing a lot more canning for my family.

Now that I’m milking again, I have to play catch up with it on the weekends too.

Thankfully, Heidi and Simon drank a lot of milk, so I can just freeze it and throw it in the big freezer for next summer when I’m busy during the week.

Heidi coming to see if I brought a bottle.

The weekend is for making Mozzarella cheese and yogurt.  I’ve already done one double batch of mozzarella and plan on doing another tomorrow.  I also hope to get a gallon of yogurt incubating this evening.

grating mozzarella

This weekend, I had to do something with my yard.  I haven’t mowed in probably three weeks, and with the drought, it’s mostly just weedy, but I had to do something with it.

dormant grass; weeds everywhere

So Saturday was a catch up day for the yard too.

Sky (I can’t get him to pose for me)

It’s not the best, but I did get a lot taken care of, and now I need to get back to tomatoes!

Yard Work

20 Jul

As soon as I got back from vacation, I started back on trying to get my yard in shape.  It was so bad.  What I’ve been working on for the last week is cutting scrub mulberry bushes.  I might have forgotten to take before pictures.

You couldn’t see the bulk bin before I started.

I started in the driveway and made sure that my sweet Dolly goat got some as a treat.

Dolly munching on mulberry

I also had to prune my poor plum tree.  The drought killed off big limbs.  It is old for a fruit tree, and it has gotten so big and heavy that it has split.  I wanted to take a bunch of weight off to try and keep it going a few more years.  I have a couple of little trees that are coming up that I’m going to leave.  Later I’ll choose one to keep growing to replace my old plum.  It’s looking much better!

Sky looking at all the new yard space.

All of the stuff I cut has gone to the goat pen.  They like to help eat the leaves off.

My dog likes to harass the goats. Hard to see, but the whole herd is there.


Reva using it to scratch

Even the little ones join in.


Over the weekend, I was hauling the bare branches up to the burn pile, but Haley came up from pasture, and she’s not much for help, so I had to finish the next day.

Haley begging for sweet feed.

I’m still working on getting all the scrub trees cut out of the ditches.  Then I’ll move on to the next project.

It would help my allergies to get rid of this weed patch.

The grape vine needs to come down.  I have to prep the greenhouse to be torn down.

I’m not even sure what that is because there’s still so much left to do.