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The Chain Saw was Here

18 Apr

My dad brought his chain saw out over the weekend.  We cut down my apple tree that has been laying down for the last few years.  Unbelievably, it was starting to get blossoms.  I will miss it.

This is all that is left of my peach tree.  You might remember that it split in a storm last year.

Finally, he cut down the big walking stick tree.  It was mostly dead, and it was under the pine trees right by my garden.  I’ll never figure out the planting logic of the people who lived here before me.

I did ask my dad if he was going to carve something out of the stump, but he told me I shouldn’t hold my breathe while I was waiting for him to get it done.

I also took out the fence I put up last year to keep goats out of the garden, so Sky got to explore over there.

It gives him a lot more room to run and play.

Hopefully, I can get some good weather to finish cleaning it up, so I can get my garden planted.

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Puppy Rule #7

10 Apr

This is what a good dog is supposed to do in the yard.  Chase balls, run, and chew on sticks.


Puppy Rule #7:  No digging in the yard.  I realize Stella started trying to dig this tree out, but she was trying to make a nice soft cool place to lay when she was sick.  You are young and healthy, so no excuses there.

I know it would help if Snickers would quit depositing little kitty stick treats in the loose dirt also, but no digging!

Now, I did see you had a mole the other day, throwing it around like it was a bean bag.  (No body was later found to remove, which might lead to another puppy rule).

Therefore, the caveat for puppy rule #7 is “unless you are digging a mole out of the ground to preserve the yard.”

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Doesn’t Anybody Listen Anymore?

7 Sep

I’ve shared so many stories of naughty goats lately, I thought I should change it up.  The other morning (when I shoulda stayed in bed), as I was rushing out to rescue Gomez from the fence, I was surprised to see a large group of my geese walking along the road and turn into the driveway.  The next morning, this is what I saw.


Sadly, it’s become a common sight.  They come through my yard and then leave the fenced area through a couple of sections of cattle panels on the front.  Of course, I usually just have to open the door and yell, “Get your goose tails back where they belong!”  And they do it.


Somewhere in the last week, I heard myself yelling for them to get their feathered butts back in the yard.  When did that happen?


I’m not supposed to have yard geese.  They belong in the barnyard, not my yard or the driveway or the road.


I seem to have lost all control around here.

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