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Random Shots

8 Nov

Noelle is adorable, but she still has no manners.  What is it with my animals and their lack of manners?


Dolly was in heat.  Despite my insistence that she is retired, she was making out with Xerxes. Now she’s all disgusting like a buck.


Fluffy tail was chewing me out.  I did let him/her know that I’m not the one to worry about.  That would be Sky.

My Casey Doodle.  He was such a sick baby, and look at him now–big fat boy wether.


A lady bug on the fence post

a ladybug

This dog is such a goofy boy.  Don’t feel sorry for my mom.  She encourages such behavior!

Sky on Mom’s lap

Happy, happy day!


Supervisor Snickers

30 Jul

While I had the open farm this morning, my mom and dad came out and we worked on some things.  My mom is painting some of those photo opp face boards (Do they have a real name?), and my dad was cutting the face holes out.

Face Board_3111ews

Snickers was inspecting my dad’s truck to make sure it was okay for it to be in my garage.


Then he was watching from the hay bale.


Later, when we were working on hinges for the screen door, he had to get a closer look.



If I hadn’t kept the door shut, he’d have been in the soap room checking to make sure we hung it properly.



I’m also pretty sure, I’ll have to find someplace where he isn’t in order to put the dots on the dice my dad made for my yard Yahtzee game.


He’s such a good supervisor!


I don’t know how we’d get anything done without him.

I Need Models

29 Jul

I’m still practicing changing settings on my camera to achieve different effects based on the wedding photography book I’m reading.  I started practicing with the geranium.  I kind of like this.


I really wanted models though.  Snickers was okay to start with.

orange cat

But when I asked him to move so I could try settings in different light, we didn’t get far.

orange tiger cat

So I tried Jules.

black and white cat

I had the opposite problem with her.  I couldn’t get her to sit still long enough to take a picture much less try adjustments.

young cat on walk

When she’s looking at something in a picture, she probably went bounding after it as soon as I snapped one shot.  Sadly, she’s becoming quite adept at catching butterflies.

black and white kitty

I tried my mom, but she didn’t smile about it.  Don’t tell her I’m sharing this.


I guess I’ll keep looking for models.  I need to keep practicing.