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Mud and Ice

20 Feb

I believe I shared we were back in mud season.  With 50*F (10*C) temperatures on Sunday, we had lots of mud!  It was paired with high winds, and my Quonset hut did not survive being flung into a post.

The animals were all unhappy with it.  Even though it was warm and the snow had melted, they didn’t even go out to pasture to eat (darn).


Well, Sky doesn’t care, and I don’t even want to tell you how much my floors are suffering.


Overnight we had rain and freezing rain and sleet.


At least it stayed rain long enough to keep it from building up too much on trees and power lines.

The pup keeps slipping and sliding and landing on his butt.


I’m seriously ready for spring–I mean real spring, not ice.



Taunting Him

19 Feb

When I was coming in from finishing chores (shutting in the birds while taking my camera with me), Sky was all wired.  When I got to the gate, he wasn’t paying attention to me.  Instead he was staring.

Sky (Snickers on the rail and Noelle’s glowing eyes in the window)

I looked, but I didn’t see anything.

Then I looked closer.  The opossum was waiting to see if I was going to drop more corn below the bulk bin.

Do you know how hard it is to get a year old German shepherd to ignore the opossum under the bin.

Sky knew he was out there.

A Harness

28 Jan

It hit me that in May I have to take Sky to the vet for his shots.  I don’t know how that’s going to work.


I cant’ keep a collar on him (although he still has collar #3).  Every time I try to hold him by the collar, he flops like a fish out of water and pulls it off.

I don’t know how he keeps working it loose.  I decided I better start coming up with a plan.  I ordered a harness!

“What’s a harness?”

Just measuring him for the harness was an adventure.  By my best sorta measurement, he needed a large.  It arrived this week.

I actually managed to get it on him, and then he flopped around.  He was working so hard to see, eat, or destroy it that he fell into the bookshelf and wall.  It was like he was drunk.

This weekend we started our training.  No big deal to start leash training a German shepherd when they’re a year old.  No biggie.  Really.

I am glad I still have four months before I have to take him off the farm though.  We’re gonna need it.