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Blossoms and Paws

9 May

We have gorgous blossoms right now.  The magnolia has lost it’s flowers with the heavy winds the last couple of days, but it was beautiful!

Now we have plum trees in full bloom.

The cherry tree is lovely.

The crab apple has opened up today.  I need the wind to go down before I can get any better images.

I also wanted to let you know that Snickers did not break his leg.  It appears he was in a fight and got bit because he had a puncture wound on his foot.  He’s had antibiotics and he’s pretty much back to normal.


The same time, Sky ended up with a paw injury too.  It’s still a little tender, but he’s doing better, and I’m keeping an eye on it.


If I were a betting person, I’d guess they both received their injuries from a certain unwelcome visitor.


Collar Number Four

13 Mar

If I am counting correctly, we are now on collar number four.  I was trying to keep him from jumping on my son, and the collar loosened.  By the time my son left, the collar had been eaten.


This collar cost a little bit more, so I hope that means it will stay where it’s placed instead of getting loose.


1 Mar

It is really nice when everyone gets along.

Sky and Snickers

Usually it’s when they are sleeping.