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Hello, Weekend

11 Sep

This wraps up my first week of back to work teaching.  I assume I survived (I am back to scheduling my posts for the week–don’t worry I’ll interrupt them for any breaking news) but am exhausted.  So it’s leftovers today.


Little miss 2TC was fascinated by the fluff suspended in air (and somehow attached to her).  She is so stinking cute and nice and


She did not inherit her mother’s messed up udder.  I think I’m talking myself into keeping her, but we’ll see.


My dog was happy to get back to the house.  Now, I’ve kicked him out during the day while I’m working.  Poor neglected pup.

Xerxes says he’s all buff and stinky and ready to go to work.


Hopefully, Tiger figures it out.  Of course, he has a while to wait.  We don’t have spring break this year, so I’ll end up kidding around our long Easter weekend.


Besides, he’s going to get Onyx for June babies.  She was enjoying the new salt/mineral block.

Until Haley chased her away.

I wish I could figure out a way to keep Archie for one breeding, but I need fewer goats (especially bucks) to manage.

Finally, Popcorn, just because.


Here’s to the weekend!

Just Some Pics of the Animals

14 Aug




Litha (with Aurora behind)




Pluto and Dolly


Purl and Stitch


Random Shots

13 Jul

Stitch and Purl and doing well.  Purl is still my sweet little girl.  I think I was successful in getting her to like me.

Stitch and Purl

Poor Maybeline does not tolerate the heat well, and it does nasty things to her fleece.


My handsome dog.


Here’s another of the Queen Anne’s lace after the storm.

I forgot to add these to yesterday’s post.  I think Bob got caught out in the storm.

Bob Cat

Poor baby.  I hope he didn’t get hit by any of that hail.

Xerxes is so handsome!


I think Freddie has adjusted to the move into the paddock with his half-brother (Xerxes) quite well.


A swallowtail from when I was doing chores the other day.

swallowtail butterfly

Pluto is still a sweet boy.


He’s also still really short.  He certainly inherited every drop of mini-goat from both sides.