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Random Shots

8 Nov

Noelle is adorable, but she still has no manners.  What is it with my animals and their lack of manners?


Dolly was in heat.  Despite my insistence that she is retired, she was making out with Xerxes. Now she’s all disgusting like a buck.


Fluffy tail was chewing me out.  I did let him/her know that I’m not the one to worry about.  That would be Sky.

My Casey Doodle.  He was such a sick baby, and look at him now–big fat boy wether.


A lady bug on the fence post

a ladybug

This dog is such a goofy boy.  Don’t feel sorry for my mom.  She encourages such behavior!

Sky on Mom’s lap

Happy, happy day!


Outside My Window

25 Oct

It’s getting to be that time of year when I enjoy watching the wildlife outside my window.

blue jay in the crabapple tree

I dearly wish Sky wouldn’t try to kill everything I’d like to feed there.


I don’t think that is something he’ll ever outgrow though.

red-bellied woodpecker

I need to find someplace outside my fence that I can feed them.

Squirrel eating acorns

Even if they’ll be too far away to photograph because, as you can see, the pictures are none too good through my dirty window anyhow.

That Boy and His Toys

3 Oct

Sky can look like such a good boy.

He looks regal and dignified, but that’s just not the real Sky.


He’s a goofball.

100% goofball.

And when it’s been cool and rainy after we dug out scrub mulberries for the new yard fence, that means he’s a muddy goofball.

Oy.  My poor kitchen floor.  He’s a wild man when I try to clean his paws off with an old towel.

I also don’t know where he got this toy.

It’s an old toilet brush that I had left in the building when I switched to a new one for scrubbing water buckets.  I just don’t know when he managed to steal it.

Of course, he made it into his toy.  He’s also made me realize I need to do a much better job of picking up after myself.