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Just Some of the Animals

18 Apr

Odie and Maybeline

Sidney with her two boys (Can you tell which one is adopted?)

German Shepherd


Gouda’s eye is all better!


Margarita and Peanut


Penelope and Pepe

Harley has really stepped up for Cupid since she lost Lily.


Only at Eden Hills

9 Apr

I sometimes wonder at all the wierd stuff that happens here.  I mean honestly: llamas with ulcers and the only place in Iowa with copper deficiency, and even the little things seem to be more difficult.


I told you that Pluto was banded last month, but he’s not seeming to turn into a wether, so it’s back to the vet.


This boy.

And Mama Phoenix’s other foot fell off.

Mama Phoenix

Actually she seems to be doing better now that she doesn’t have it hanging there.  I think she’s actually going to do well.  But seriously, who but me ends up with a footless chicken?

She can already stand on the stumps!

Now, my dog has decided to play with raccoons.  I don’t mean he wants to kill them.  That would be normal.  No, he is barking, head down, butt up, tail wagging, trying to play with a snarling, lunging raccoon fighting for its life.


What an idiot!

So far, he seems to be pretty good at jumping out of the way, but not quite perfect.  Again. He’s an idiot.

Funny-Colored, Short-Tailed Squirrels

27 Mar

My second fencing project on Saturday was to replace the chicken wire on the bottom of the fence between my yard and barnyard.

Why would I have to do that?

Sky is pretty sure all those kids running around are just funny-colored, short-tailed squirrels.

I get that.

But I would be really irritated with him if he treated them like a squirrel, turning them into his own rawhide.


Caroline and Snow White

That sweet girl is not a chew toy.  And if you really want to torture a German Shepherd, bring those funny-colored short-tailed squirrels into the house and say, “You can’t touch them.”

It really is mean of me, but Tiger Lily (Cinnamon’s doe) was escaping at my mom’s  house, so she came back here.

Spaz and Tiger Lily

I also needed to get Spaz away from her maa because she was nursing.  That means I have kitchen kids!