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Browsing the Pasture

31 May

Deer are not the only ones out in pasture.  The goats spend a lot of time out there browsing all they can eat.

Victoria and Onyx



Heidi and Flora leading a bunch of kids

Cupid and Tansy with Pepper in front; Wanda in back

my old man Casey




Antigone chewing cud

Trace (who is getting round!)

Then they come up and chew their cuds like crazy.

Left Overs for Friday

12 May

Bubbles looks good. It’s good that she is taking the year off.

Ms. Goose enjoys her pool

Flora enjoying pasture

Mr. Peacock dances. His foot is better some days; some days it’s not.

Hilda is improving

Maybeline in the shade of the barn. They need sheared.

Frodo scared me laying like that; then he just yelled at me. He is the loudest goat I’ve ever met.



Herbie turned 1 year old this week!

Happy weekend!

Moms and Kids

10 May

I can’t tell you how much we are all enjoying real warm spring weather and green pasture.

Cutie and BJ

Flora and Chuck

Penelope and Nessa

Salter playing on Cupid (Pepper behind)

Antigone and Q-Tip

Chiffon feeding Silas and Sammie

Joy and Lizzie (how I wish she were tame)

Purl and Bella

Sidney with Jay and Herky

It really does make them all less cranky.

Hilda is still way too skinny. Weaning her boys should help a lot.

Hilda’s kids are gone, but looking at her udder, all I see is how much more of that food she can put to getting her own weight back up to where she should be.