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Just Pictures

14 Oct

I can’t get enough of the beautiful fall colors; sadly, they are about done.

2TC and Penelope

Aurora in front of the neighbor’s derecho battered corn

Hilda (in heat) and Xerxes

Poor free-range hen hasn’t gotten to free-range since the derecho.




“Did you bring me a peanut? I don’t care if it’s unsalted.” -Chiffon




Myson front and center

Trying to decide if he wants to come out and face the day. I know that feeling.

A Rough Fall

6 Oct

This has been a really rough fall for the goats.  I always say that this “end of summer” time is the worst time of year, but it seems worse this year.

a very thin Mary

I think the goats are already in need of another round of copper.  I started giving them copper capsules in peanuts on Sunday.

about to lose my finger to Gidget

Stormy has already gotten an extra little bit.  She seems to be doing a bit better.


Pistol is still up north.  She seems to be a tiny bit better, but I’m not sure she’s making any real gains.

Pistol peeking out when it was drizzly weather

But Annie, my poor girl, has gotten worse.

Polka Sallie Annie

Despite having an extra copper capsule, being wormed and having hay, sweet feed, a lick tub, and loose minerals at all times, her membranes are now completely white.  She acts fine, but she is critically anemic.

This is actually an improvement from what it was at one point.

The last couple of days, she’s gotten severe bottle jaw.  I’m not sure she’s going to be able to make it.  I’ll keep trying though.

After the Rain Stopped

13 Sep

The goats had been cooped up and wet for almost a week when the weather turned.  They were really enjoying the pasture again.

Cupid and Tiger (and I don’t know who else)



Purl has some of her mom’s attitude.

The bottom looks good after the rain


Pistol must have been knocked down. Dang goats.

on the bottom: Bonnie, Annie, Coral, Cinnamon and Haley






Seven-that strip of long blond hair on his back cracks me up

And it looks so fresh and green!