Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary

22 Nov

When the vet came to help Stormy, I had him check on Mary too.  She was not supposed to have babies this year, but she gave me oopsie babies Trace and Quatro.

Mary, Quatro and Trace

While she did amazingly well at raising them, it really took its toll on her, and she’s been in a steady decline since August.  Her lungs didn’t sound great, she was horribly under weight, anemic, and struggling to stay warm, so we decided it was time to say good-bye to her as well.

Bubbles, Mary, and Quatro

Mary, Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Mary was actually named after the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary.

Kizzy and triplets Paul, Peter and Mary

But I always chanted the nursery rhyme to her until I decided maybe she was taking it a bit too much to heart with her contrary nature.  Then I changed it to Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary.


She was such a beautiful girl.

Farewell, Mary, Mary Miss Extraordinary.

7 Responses to “Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary”

  1. Claire Moxon-Waltz November 22, 2020 at 5:05 pm #

    Oh no! Not Mary too! Goodness, enough with 2020 already! I’m so sorry you are having to say goodbye to long time herd members.

    • Teresa November 22, 2020 at 5:26 pm #

      I knew this was coming with the large numbers of old goats I have, but it has not been an easy year. At 8, Mary is the youngest of the nine I’ve lost this year.

  2. Jeanne November 22, 2020 at 5:40 pm #

    Teresa, I’m very sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to Mary, too! This is getting to be too much. At only eight years old, it’s just not right!

    • Teresa November 22, 2020 at 6:00 pm #

      That still puts her in the range of getting older. She wasn’t supposed to have kids, and the copper deficiency for most of their lives has really put them at a disadvantage. It can never be long enough though.

  3. janicead November 22, 2020 at 9:37 pm #

    2020 has been a tough year for the animal world, too. 💔🤍💔

  4. Eileen Wise November 23, 2020 at 5:56 am #

    So sad, to loss another goat so soon. Cute photos of Mary, her twins are adorable. Take care, enjoy your day! Have a great new week!

  5. twiladf November 23, 2020 at 12:25 pm #

    so sorry, hugs,,,,

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