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Sweet Caroline

17 Mar

Caroline was the first baby from my Polka Sallie Annie.  And she was mine more than Annie’s.  Seriously, it was like this girl was coming home to Eden Hills when she was born.

Caroline with Annie

She owned the farm and went to pasture from the time she was way too young.

Caroline and me

She was a wild woman from the start, and when she pulled a stifle muscle it about killed her to have to stay up in the barnyard until she healed.

Sweet Caroline

She grew into a beautiful, sweet doe who became one of my milking girls.  Granted, she was a horrible milker because of the high percentage of Boer in her, but she was always ready to be milked.


She struggled with kids though.  The copper always seemed to be an issue with her.  She was struggling with the copper, but her eyes were getting more color, and that seemed to be improving.

Chunky and Caroline

I tried to retire her young, but she busted in with the buck and had a baby last year.

Caroline and Ducky

That was really hard on her, and she’s never regained her weight and health.  I just couldn’t support her anymore, and she has consistently declined in health for the last month.  She has been grinding her teeth (a sign of pain), and her rumen had shut down.  I couldn’t get it going no matter how many probiotics I gave her.

Sweet Caroline Goodberry (30 May 2017 – 16 Mar 2023)

It was all just too much. It was time to say good-bye to my Sweet Caroline Goodberry.

Polka Sallie Annie

10 Dec

When the vet had to come for Bonnie, I also decided it was time to say good-bye to Annie. She (and Bonnie) had really slowed down and dropped weight in the previous week.  Annie was so thin and anemic that the cold weather coming this weekend would have made me make the call at that time.  So we decided it was better not to wait.

Polka Sallie Annie

She was an oopsie baby (I seem to have a lot of those).  Her mom, Sallie, got bred through the fence by Fionn.

Sallie and daughter, Polka Sallie Annie

She was Sallie’s whole world.

Sallie and Annie

She gave me my beautiful (naughty) Caroline.

Caroline with Annie

What a special girl.

Annie as a baby, through the years, and with this year’s kid, Flora

There have been way too many good-byes this year.

More of What I am Thankful For

28 Nov


Bob Cat joined me for my pasture walk the other day.

I think Astra settled meaning we’ll have March kids.


Blaze and 2TC



Tiger and Freddie; the trees are getting cleaned up




Popcorn can not possibly get any fatter and fuzzier.

Peacocks and Annie enjoying sunshine after a couple of rainy days. We’re finally coming out of the drought conditions.