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Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary

22 Nov

When the vet came to help Stormy, I had him check on Mary too.  She was not supposed to have babies this year, but she gave me oopsie babies Trace and Quatro.

Mary, Quatro and Trace

While she did amazingly well at raising them, it really took its toll on her, and she’s been in a steady decline since August.  Her lungs didn’t sound great, she was horribly under weight, anemic, and struggling to stay warm, so we decided it was time to say good-bye to her as well.

Bubbles, Mary, and Quatro

Mary, Mary quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Mary was actually named after the singing group Peter, Paul and Mary.

Kizzy and triplets Paul, Peter and Mary

But I always chanted the nursery rhyme to her until I decided maybe she was taking it a bit too much to heart with her contrary nature.  Then I changed it to Mary, Mary, Miss Extraordinary.


She was such a beautiful girl.

Farewell, Mary, Mary Miss Extraordinary.


22 Mar

Mary has twins this year.  One looks like a lot of my white goats with the light spots.  That comes from my long-ago buck Grover.  Several of my adults still have those markings.

Did you notice his sister?  She has those characteristic markings of her mom and Bonnie and Blaze and Gidget.  Those amazing silver spots will probably fade into tan to look like her mom’s spots.


They are all descended from Kizzy.  She’s the only one that got these amazing spots from Grover instead of the normal big tan patches on white.  I think Zeus might be a good buck for thowing spots.  After all, he is another one descended from Kizzy.  This is one of his kids below.

She belongs to Annie.

Her brother you can barely see below, but he got his mom’s black and white.

But he’s worth looking at from every angle because he also got spots from Zeus.

I don’t know if the silver spots will fade or stay silver.

He’s certainly quite the interesting kid.  I’m thinking I might have to keep Zeus for another year and see if these two can give me a girl with these colors and spots.


8 Aug

The last of my original Saanen girls, Minnie Pearl, joined her sisters today.

Minnie Pearl Saanen Feb 2004 – 8 Aug 2017

I miss you all.

Minnie, Millie, Meg, Maddie, Cutie

I also lost Kizzy today.  She was a beautiful Valentine’s Day baby, born when it was -6*F (-21.1*C).

She is the one who gave me all the beautiful spots.

Three Generations: Blaze, Gidget, and Kizzy

I miss you all.  Every day.