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20 Jul

Before today’s post:  If you saw the news of Iowa’s tornado outbreak yesterday, I just want to share that, while Marshalltown is where I teach, none of the severe weather impacted the farm here.  All of the animals and I are safe.

I have Harley and her four three and a spare up north yet.  And you’ll never see good pictures of those four kids because they swarm me looking for a bottle every time I come in there.  It’s starting to be a challenge to feed the four of them at the same time.

Eve, Enkidu, Horus, Gilgamesh and Harley

I finally caught Antigone and threw her up there with Harley too.  I swear that girl is going to give me gray hair.


She gets in with the bucks, and then she can’t get out, but she still won’t let me touch her after the whole horn incident.  Now she’s weaned and not happy, and Pistol isn’t happy either, but I can’t catch the little snot.  She’s making it hard for me to be able to keep her.  I really want not to have goats that I can’t work with.

Antigone and Pistol

I also have Gidget shut in the Love Shack because she must have stepped on something.  Anyhow, she had a cut on her foot and was hobbling on three feet.


She also had two kids as big as her still trying to nurse.  They are not happy to be getting weaned.

Gidget, Zeus and Hera (without her horn apparatus)

It was really a sympathy lock up.

Although she’s not happy either.  She looks so weird in the picture because she stuck her head through the fence and then decided to pee.  I don’t get it.  And she was not stuck.  She did remove her own head from the panel.

Luckily, her foot is doing better.  I think she’ll get to be released from the Love Shack tomorrow.





I Lost My Excuse

7 Jul

I started scooping out the Love Shack a while ago because it really needed it.

After about two scoops though, I was interrupted to go make bottles, and I don’t remember what all.

Harley, Gill (in front) and Enkidu

Then I came back and did about two more scoops before disovering why the barn swallows were so mad at me–even more than usual.  I figured newly hatched babies was a good reason to give it up for a while.

Then it got hot and rained and, and, and…  No more excuses!  The babies are nearly ready to fly the nest.

Even though mom and dad were still not happy with me, I figured the babies were fine without them for a short time.

Let’s face it.  I’m old and I take a lot more breaks than I used to.  I also had to quit because the goats came back up from pasture, and whenever the bottle monsters see me, it pretty much means I’m done doing anything but tripping over them.

Horus and Gilgamesh in front; Eve behind


I’m also pretty sure I’m going to more than fill my compost bin.  Of course, I already filled it up once with the stuff from one car stall out of my garage.  I guess, once it gets full, I’ll have to let is settle for a bit.  I’ll switch to shoveling out the other side of the garage because that is going to another location.

I’m pretty sure I can keep shoveling for quite a while before everything is cleaned out.

And, as of today, all the little barn swallow babies have flown the nest!

Perfect Timing

11 Jun

We’ve had two goats have babies so far this round and both were quite early.  It’s hard to believe that Haley is due tomorrow and I have been still waiting on her.  This afternoon I did decide I should go see how she was doing since the herd had gone out to pasture and I hadn’t seen her for about three hours.

I set out across the first hill, and then I heard something coming up the hill.  It was Haley.

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering for a while how many babies she has in there.

It looked like I wouldn’t have long to wait to find out.  She didn’t even slow down walking past me (okay–she paused for a contraction).

When we got to the barnyard, she was going to go back to the dirtiest part of the barn, so I drug her to the Love Shack.  Why?  Why can’t they just walk with me?

It wasn’t long–like one minute–until she got down to serious business.

Her buck was first to arrive!  He was big and vigorous!

What a nice change from the kids who were early and weak!

It didn’t look like she’d had anything.  Oh my.

Then she had a girl.  She was a little smaller but still a nice size.

Finally, she had another girl.  She is also quite big and assertive and noisy.

Everyone is doing well.


I did take the smaller girl as a bottle kid because there is no way Haley can feed three big kids, and she is just enough smaller she’s the one that would get left out every single time.

She is already taking a bottle well, and she’s as big as any of the premie kids and eats as much too.