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Planning Ahead

13 Dec

I know I have alluded to replacing the greenhouse, but I’m not sure that I shared that it is a done deal.  I’ve signed a contract with Morton Buildings, and they are going to be putting up a new building next May/June-ish.

It clearly needs to come down.

I have to get the old building torn down.  I think I have that arranged, but the guy doing it has to have it done before he starts planting.

It is partly in the barnyard and partly in the yard.

That means it will be coming down around spring break.

I’ll have to figure out how to get the outside pen down and then put back up.

I still have a lot of junk around it that I need to clean up.

Sparrow enjoying the weeds.

I’ve given up.  I’ll just plan on kidding in the buck room and garage again this time–in March and April.

old and pregnant girls from 2022

It better be the last time.

in 2018 when it was just a year old

I’m really excited about the new building going up because it will be insulated and properly vented for livestock. In addition to kidding, it will be good for my sick and old ones. I really wish I had it done right now for Myson and Margarita.

Myson and Margarita

Myson is picking up weight and looking good. He seems to like the room service.


But Margarita is still thin and she is cold.  I had to put the heat lamp back on for her.


She hardly ever comes out of the Love Shack.  I’m not sure how much longer I can support her.

Enjoying the Sunshine

8 Dec

Just some pictures of goats enjoying the sunshine–

Daisy and her bratopotamus Zora

Flora eating a stick


Reva sleeping in the sun




Ostara knows where the corn comes from.

Margarita and Myson


The New Arrangements

28 Nov

After I lost Benji, I moved the other three boys up north (I had planned on doing that anyhow).

Simon, Frodo, and Howie

Then I sold the two little boys and Freddie, so I had to find more company for Xerxes and Frodo.



I didn’t want to put them together yet because of the hormones, so I put Penelope with Frodo.

Frodo and Penelope

I put Antigone with Xerxes.  She needs a nice dry place to keep her feet in good shape.


They will get along much better with girls than other boys.  Xerxes has had Antigone and Astra as roommates in a previous winter, but I’m not sure Astra is bred, so it’s just Antigone for now.

Antigone and Xerxes

When we sold the little girls, we ended up letting Myson and Margarita out.  Which was not a big deal.  They are not too hard to catch and the weather was good.  When they came back up from pasture, Margarita was already back in the Love Shack nibbling on hay.

Margarita (her weight is better, but she doesn’t seem to have much of a winter coat yet)

Myson was having too much fun with his wether bros.  I had to split them up.  He still isn’t up to full weight, and he doesn’t need to waste his energy rough housing (It was all very good natured).

Casey, Myson, and Moose

I might have threatened to pull Moose’s ears if he wasn’t good.  He may hear that threat rather frequently, and you can see he’s really worried about it.


Then I couldn’t get Dolly to leave the Love Shack, but I figured it isn’t going to hurt her to stand around and. munch on hay.

Dolly (notice Myson and Moose still pushing through my poor fence).

Finally, she changed her mind and decided to come out with the herd.  But it was the next morning.