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Perfect Timing

11 Jun

We’ve had two goats have babies so far this round and both were quite early.  It’s hard to believe that Haley is due tomorrow and I have been still waiting on her.  This afternoon I did decide I should go see how she was doing since the herd had gone out to pasture and I hadn’t seen her for about three hours.

I set out across the first hill, and then I heard something coming up the hill.  It was Haley.

I have to admit, I’ve been wondering for a while how many babies she has in there.

It looked like I wouldn’t have long to wait to find out.  She didn’t even slow down walking past me (okay–she paused for a contraction).

When we got to the barnyard, she was going to go back to the dirtiest part of the barn, so I drug her to the Love Shack.  Why?  Why can’t they just walk with me?

It wasn’t long–like one minute–until she got down to serious business.

Her buck was first to arrive!  He was big and vigorous!

What a nice change from the kids who were early and weak!

It didn’t look like she’d had anything.  Oh my.

Then she had a girl.  She was a little smaller but still a nice size.

Finally, she had another girl.  She is also quite big and assertive and noisy.

Everyone is doing well.


I did take the smaller girl as a bottle kid because there is no way Haley can feed three big kids, and she is just enough smaller she’s the one that would get left out every single time.

She is already taking a bottle well, and she’s as big as any of the premie kids and eats as much too.


The Continuing Saga of Sugar

17 Oct

You might remember that Sugar was beating her own head against a wooden post to the point that she was bloody and swollen and gross.  Well, when she was stuck in a manger, I did manage to give her a shot of antibiotics because she smelled dead.  Unfortunately, getting poked in the butt was a great incentive to get herself loose, and I didn’t get the chance to clean it up.  After a few days, it was obvious she needed more than just a shot of antibiotics.  I called the vet and with the help of my son and a whole lot of luck, we managed to get her caught and shut in the Love Shack with Xerxes.  Great.  The two wildest goats on the farm are shut in together.

Sugar and Xerxes

Sugar and Xerxes

The vet was not a fan of Sugar.  It was a mutual feeling though.  Sugar got the injury cleaned up.  There is a hole in her horn, which is not good, but I’m not sure what to do about that. Then we used a spray on the injury, which made the maggots come out.  It was disgusting.


Bless my nephew for coming each evening and helping me treat her.  I think all the maggots are gone, and it’s starting to look better.  It’s going to be a while before she gets let out of the Love Shack area though.


I did manage to catch her and spray her for flies by myself tonight!  Oh, this girl.  She’s killing me.

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Goats in the Hood

5 Mar

I once again have yard goats.  My four girls closest to kidding (at least I think they are all the closest) are in the yard so it’s easier for my mom to check them while I’m at work.

Blaze (Photographer's choice)

(Photographer’s choice)

I’m pretty sure my apple tree is not going to give me fruit this year. Or ever again.

Gidget and Cookie (Fruit)

Gidget and Cookie

I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to survive this round of yard goats.

goat eating tree_2737ews

I have my two yearling bucks in the Love Shack.  It looks like they are just standing around smiling at how happy they are to be back together.  They are pretty good buds.

Xerxes and Sam (Smile)

Xerxes and Sam

Out in the front pasture, Pistol’s boys are exploring more of the neighborhood.  They go out with her while she’s eating.

Pistol, Tommy and PJ (Neighborhood)

Pistol, Tommy and PJ

Doe goat and kids_2717ews

Muffin doesn’t get out much.



She prefers to stay up on the hill and call barn service for some hay.



I’m not sure she’ll ever rejoin the herd, but she seems content.

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