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Bonnie Grace Blackboer

9 Dec

Bonnie has struggled with copper the last few years. She’s been given extra copper and shut up north a couple of times in the last couple of years.  This time, she just couldn’t recover.


When I came home from work yesterday, she had fallen and couldn’t get up.  I did manage to get her up, but she had no strength, and it was just going to happen again.

With her daughter, Ruby 

I called the vets, and bless them for coming to help Bonnie.  She was Blaze’s twin sister and named after her Grandma, Grace.  She was one of the oopise kids that year from the Red Rover twins.  She was always a bit shy, but she is the one who would bounce on my back when I was feeding bottle kids.  She had so much fun doing that.

Bonnie (with twin sister Blaze on bottom right)

Farewell my beautiful girl.

More of What I am Thankful For

28 Nov


Bob Cat joined me for my pasture walk the other day.

I think Astra settled meaning we’ll have March kids.


Blaze and 2TC



Tiger and Freddie; the trees are getting cleaned up




Popcorn can not possibly get any fatter and fuzzier.

Peacocks and Annie enjoying sunshine after a couple of rainy days. We’re finally coming out of the drought conditions.


Terrific Twosomes

17 Nov

For some reason I got to thinking about my old ladies and how I don’t often keep both kids from twins, but two of my oldest goats are twins–Stormy and Litha, born in 2008.

Litha in 2015

They are the first set of two I kept because I just couldn’t decide which one to keep.  Then I had an epiphany and realized I could keep them both if I wanted to.  So I did.

Stormy from 2017

There are only two other sets of twins left in full:  Bonnie and Blaze (b. 2011)

Blaze and Bonnie from 2012

and Sidney and LilyAnn (although they are two of a set of triplets).  Honestly, their brother was the only nice one of the bunch.  Dang sweet boys.

Sidney, Andy and LilyAnn (front) in 2017

Anyhow.  I kept Flower and Bud (b. 2010), and Flower is still here.

Flower and Bud in 2016

Casey is here, but I just lost Cookie earlier in the fall.  They were also two of a set of three.

Casey and Cookie (b. 2011) in May 2019

I still have Coral (2011), but we lost her twin, Clover, last year.

Clover and Coral from 2011

Haley (b. 2011) lost her (triplet) sister Harley last year also.

Haley and Harley in 2012

I kept two sets who are both gone now–Maggie and Marley.

Maggie and Marley (my original “tail count” kids from 2009)

And Pistol and Vinnie.

Dolly with Pistol and Vinnie in 2010

I sometimes can’t believe how long I’ve been raising goats now.  They certainly do have a way of stealing your heart.