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Ready to Work

2 Sep

My bucks are ready to get to work.

Xerxes stalking Caroline along the fence

Freddie is such a sweet boy, but I have no desire to give him any loving right now.

“Come closer; I want to kiss you!” -Freddie

Freddie checking out Gemma

I’ve been trying to plan for next year’s kids.  Can’t believe it’s already time to start thinking about that.


I think I mentioned that Reva is retiring this year, and Maisie is also retiring.


I am excited to see what kids I get from Benji.


I actually have a spring break from work next year, so that will make things a bit easier.

The New Count

25 Aug

Once again the number of goats on the farm has changed and keeping track of everyone is still a challenge.

Haley in the middle of the herd

Now I have five goats in the north paddock.

Perdita and Chunky, Geo, Olaf and Swen

Thankfully, my three bucks are pretty constant.

Xerxes, Freddie, and Benji

Then there’s the kids in the main herd.  I am down to only seven spring break babies there.


Then there’s all eleven of my June kids.


Add that to the adult goats (44) in the main herd and that’s still a lot of goats to keep track of.


But it’s easier than it was a couple of weeks ago before I started selling kids, and hopefully another nine will be leaving the farm this weekend.  If you were adding, you should have come up with 70.

Updates Again

16 Aug

Benji is doing well.  He has a bit of a rattle in his lungs, but that will probably take a while to fully heal.

Benji watching the girls

He and Freddie have become good friends.  That’s good.

Freddie and Benji hanging out

Maisie is still up north with the weaned kids.  She is slowly gaining weight and looking better.

Maisie with the weaned kids

After I sell her girls this weekend (hopefully), I’ll put her back with the main herd.

She still needs to gain more weight, but she is improving.

Finally, Haley is really doing well.  She walks on that back foot really well.

Haley Blackboer

She is staying out in pasture most all day with the herd.

heading out to pasture

I am thrilled with her progress!  I might even be able to quit giving updates on her.