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Back With the Herd

3 May

Since I had to put everyone on the front pasture until I got the fence repaired, I decided it would be the perfect time to move Aphrodite, Venus and Haley back in with the rest of the herd.

The herd coming to see what was going on while I was trying to get the girls to join them.

It was a pretty smooth transition.


Well, except for Pluto being a pain trying to fight with Aphrodite.

Pluto and Aphrodite with Cody and Sappho in front

The kids are big enough to keep up with the herd on the small pasture.

Venus and Cody

I did look, and last year it was late in May before I turned them out onto the back half.  That looks like the safest bet again.

Sappho and Cody meeting Shellie and Claire

Sappho racing past maa, Aphrodite

I also decided I’d just let everyone stay on the front pasture for a week to give the front half of the back forty time to grow since they will be stuck on if for a while yet.

Lots more stuff to eat on the little pasture; but the warmer weather and rain should really make the grass grow.

And they better be safe on the smaller pasture with three llamas.

Maybeline and Aurora

I will say, some bucks don’t look too happy with their smaller accommodations.

Benji and Frodo want out on the pasture too.

They will survive though.

Good Friday Photo Dump

17 Apr

This is postponed from Friday with the big news of Venus having an oopsie baby and then Aphrodite’s girl arriving.  So it’s an Easter photo dump.

I have a lot of photos left from the last week, so you get another dump.


The boys all seem happy on the front pasture. Benji looks like he’s going to slide down the hill.

Sky lounging in the yard

I think Flora’s happy I emptied the big tub. Makes for a nice napping spot.

They already went through the last new salt/mineral block. Moose is sampling the new one.

Bob Cat napping in the yard.

2TC is such a cutie!

Bull has a hard time telling Tansy and his mom, Bubbles apart. Tansy does not appreciate it when he gets them mixed up.

Maybeline. Can you tell it was windy that day?

Spunky looks like an Angel, but she’s as wild as her brother.

It was quite the shock to Rosie when her maa came back to the barnyard with a new baby and doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Hilda with Rosie’s little sister, Shellie

I know I say it a lot, but I seriously cannot get over how big Tiger is at 11 1/2 months.

Can’t do a photo dump without my beautiful Ostara.

Happy weekend!

Hello, Oopsie Baby!

15 Apr

After my largely sleepless night, it was a long day at work.  After the nearly 80 degree day on Tuesday, Wednesday seemed cold.  We were looking at a high of around 40–twenty degrees below our historical average for this time of year.

Spunky and Tramp playing out in the wind and cold

There was no text from mom  after her mid-day check saying that Aphrodite had her baby.  So I hurried home to check her.  Yep. She was still pregnant.

Aphrodite (due on Thursday)

Then I started my count of the spring break kids to make sure all 10 were accounted for.  I immediately got to eight.

Brigit and Ostara

Then I went through the barn to find the last two.  That’s when I saw Venus and her baby. That was a shock.

Baby Boy

He was dried off and nursing, but he was looking a little chilled.  I picked him up and grabbed Venus, and we went to the garage.

Venus and baby

So I had no idea that she was going to have a baby at this time.  I do remember that I never saw her come into heat when we were trying to make June babies.  I went back and checked my records to see the last time I saw her in heat–Nov. 15.  That would make her due on April 14th.

I am just so grateful Venus had him in the barn out of the wind.  She did a great job.

And I guess it’s a good thing I decided I didn’t want to scoop all the bedding out of the garage when it was windy last weekend.

I’d say he looks an awful lot like Benji.


He also has the same face shape as Brigit.


I am going to go out on a limb and say that Benji managed to breed her through the fence. Just what I needed.  Another buck talented in that way.