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Friday Photodump

25 Nov

Here’s to a good weekend!

Rocky–just because he’s so handsome.

Sky playing with the corncob.

November sunsets are the best (and our snow is all gone now)

Even if they come way too early

My last picture of Benji–sharing a pan of sweet feed with Frodo






Good-bye Benji

23 Nov

My heart is breaking.  I came home on Tuesday to find Benji dead.  I’m not sure what happened, but he was not in a natural position and I’m guessing he was semi-stuck and too weak to get back onto his feet after someone hit him.

Benji and Frodo

I had been so optimistic that he would recover and get wethered and be happy in the herd for years to come.

Benji eating out in pasture with the girls

I will miss his distinct voice and soft eyes.

I don’t think I can take many more good-byes this fall.


22 Nov

Well, everyone is hanging in there. Margarita and Myson are getting along well.  I think Myson is gaining a little weight.  Margarita is about the same, and with the cold weather I’ll call that good.

Myson and Margarita

Benji spent most of his time in the greenhouse when it was cold.  I’m also going to call it a win that he didn’t really lose any more weight while we were that cold.  Hopefully, since he has a good appetite, the copper will kick in and he’ll start picking some weight up.

Benji peeking out the door when it was still cold over the weekend.

The boys can come out of the greenhouse easily even though I had the door mostly shut to keep the wind out.  Frodo really likes his roommates.  They are much nicer than the other big bucks.


Xerxes seems to have done something to his eye.  I’m guessing it was poked with hay, but there is no way for me to even check it out.  It was all better by the time I checked him on Monday.  Thank goodness.

Xerxes with a watery eye

Mr. Peacock is still a bit sneezy, but it isn’t as bad.  Hopefully, this more moderate weather streak will continue for a while and he will finish recovering.

Mr. Peacock

Zinnia came back into heat.  I’m actually pretty happy she didn’t get bred on one of the days Benji was out.  She really needs a longer time between babies (her girls were born right at the end of July).

Zinnia with her girls behind her

I’m not sure we’re going to get the hydrant changed yet this fall with the crazy weather.  But the cattle tank is still working, so it’s not too bad.

Antigone behind the hydrant

For some reason, Antigone and Hera were limping the other day.  I am hoping that this week (while I’m on break), I can get a lot of hooves trimmed.  That should help.

Hera resting her foot and eating at the same time.

I hope.