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The Calendar

9 Nov

I have finished my calendar for next year, and I am especially happy with the variety to this one.

Odie, Aurora, and Maybeline


Chiffon’s boys: Nestle and Sonny


Hera and Gidget


In fact, it might be my favorite one so far.

Edited:  Due to interest in people wanting the calendar, I am adding a LINK that I think will let you purchase the calendar directly from Shutterfly.

Another Hoarfrost Dump

11 Jan

I promise this is the last big post of just hoarfrost pictures.

Caroline and Flora

Aphrodite, Flower Joani, Myson

Marin, Penelope

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Odie, Aurora, Maybeline

Aurora and Maybeline


But there might still be a few more that get snuck in here or there.

More Hoarfrost Pictures

6 Jan

These are more of the pictures from last Sunday. It’s kind of a lot, but I really just couldn’t stop taking pictures.

My pictures just cannot do justice to the beauty of that morning.