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Last Names

7 Aug

In addition to my Osboer goats that I talked about yesterday, I’ve had several other lines.  My first buck that wasn’t an Osboer was Grover.  He was named when I was on a roll of names from Sesame Street, so his last name was Street.

Grover Street

I have only one Street goat left on the farm–Dolly.  She wasn’t Grover’s kid, but she came from Millie and Grover’s boy Bam Bam.  She’s the only kid I kept from Bam Bam.  I can’t believe she’s my last Street girl.  There were a lot of them.

Dolly Ann Street

After Grover, I got Jack Blackboer.  He was naturally polled, but he also carried a genetic defect that caused me to lose kids, so I sold him and didn’t keep many of his kids.

Jack Blackboer

The only two left are Casey and Bambi.

Casey Blackboer

Bambi Blackboer

Although, I do have four grandkids from him:  Cinnamon, Haley, Coral, and Victoria. [Edit: and Chiffon. How could I forget Chiffon?]

Cinnamon Blackboer

Beoris van de Yell was the next buck.  He was here for several years, but he gave me kids with huge heads, so I decided not to breed with him anymore.

Boeris van de Yell

I still have several van de Yell girls–Maisie, Joani, Reva, Gidget, Wanda, and Hilda.







By this time, I was milking mostly Boer goats, and they are meat goats, so I brought home Sam Goodberry.  He gave me most of my milking girls.

Sam Goodberry

I still have quite a few of his kids (and some grandkids).

Cutie Pie Goodberry

With selling Tiger, I won’t have any new Goodberry kids born on the farm (I don’t plan on keeping any of his bucks, but we’ll see if I want an insurance buck for making the perfect kid).

Lemuel Goodberry

That means all of my kids next year will be Osboers and for the first time we’ll have Butterboer kids from Benji.

Benji Butterboer

I’m excited to see what his kids will look like.

Cold Kills

7 Jan

The thing about winter is it helps to thin the population in wild animals.  This happens with domestic animals as well.  The old and the weak often can’t make it through the winter.  I already lost Meg and Muffin because they were old and couldn’t take the cold.  Now Boeris couldn’t take it after having been seriously ill at the first of December.  I came home from work yesterday and found he had died.


I will miss his raspy yell in the barnyard.

Working Boys

3 Jan

My goat boys were put to work this weekend, so we can have June babies.  I have to say, moving goats around went much easier than I thought it might.  Fionn is happy with his girls.  They are on the front pasture.


Fionn Osboer, Harley Blackboer, Cookie Blackboer, Maggie Osboer, and Vinnie Osboer

Boeris is retired, so he’s just hanging out in the Love Shack.  Ironic, huh?  The Love Shack is my bachelor pad this year.

Boeris van de Yell

Boeris van de Yell

Xerxes and Wanda are in the greenhouse.  I thought Wanda could use a little extra hay, so she’s with Xerxes.

Xerxes Moxon Osboer and Wanda van de Yell

Xerxes Moxon Osboer and Wanda van de Yell

Sam has his girls up north.

Pistol Osboer, Sam Goodberry, Annie, and Clover Blackboer

Pistol Osboer, Sam Goodberry, Annie, and Clover Blackboer

Luckily, he seems to have already done his job with Annie.  That’s good because I had to cut her head out of my fence yesterday.

Polka Sallie Annie Osboer

Polka Sallie Annie Osboer

I put her back with the rest of the herd so she didn’t get stuck when I went back to work today.  Goofy girl.

I hope you’ll come back to join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my side bar.