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28 Nov

To all who are celebrating today, “Happy Thanksgiving!”


Aphrodite and Cutie






Blessings to all of you from all of us at Eden Hills.

Selling More Kids

10 Nov

We had a pretty nice day on Saturday.  Actually, it was really nice!

It’s not looking good for many more of those, so I enlisted the help of my nephew, and we tagged and loaded out eight of the girls.

Socks, Poki, Snow White, Angela, Daliah, Button, Penny and Venus

Penny was in there when I shut the girls in along with Moira and Venus, but they didn’t get sold.

Wendy, Moira, Penny, Button, Tink, Daliah, Venus, Angela, Socks, Poki, Snow White

I only have three March kids left on the farm, and they are all staying: Moira, Bubbles, and Penelope.

Bubbles (Maa Mary behind)

I still have a few June kids here too.  I will try to sell the two boys next weekend.  Then I have to decide who (if any) of the girls I’m keeping.


I still adore Joy and want to keep her, but she’s not making it easy.

Zinnia and Joy

I also like Chiffon, but she’s another snooty little girl.


I do think I’ll keep Venus.


Although, I always reserve the right to change my mind.

The Keepers

6 Sep

I’ve tried.  I swear I’ve tried to get Joy to like me, but I admit defeat.


I blame her wild, wild, dad, Xerxes.


She’s so wild, I can’t even catch her to wean her so that I can milk her maa.


That means, she’s been moved to my not keeping you because I’m tired of goats I can’t work with list.


Maybe I should keep Vinnie’s last daughter instead.  Venus is nice.

Venus in front of her maa

I am still planning on keeping Bubbles.  She is friendly and easy to work with.


I am also still planning on keeping Moira.  She’s not quite a friendly, but I can pet her and she will hopefully continue to tame down.

She likes food, so that is a plus.

I’m also thinking that I might keep Penelope.

She is another sweet, sweet girl who is cute.

After getting the copper capsule, she’s really looking good now.