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Unmixing the Goats

29 Jan

You might have guessed from my three little girls’ letter that I removed the girls from their pens with the bucks.  It had been right at three weeks, so they should have all had a chance to come into heat.  If not, I’m not kidding into July, so they’ll get the year off or retire.  I really do wish the goats could make things easier when we try to do things like this.  The three little girls really did make it difficult to get them out of the pen with Xerxes, but I did finally entice them to come out.

Dolly with girls Sidney and LilyAnn

Haley and Harley were easy to get out of the buck pen with Fionn.  Victoria and Reva were not too bad.


Cookie was a pain.  She ended up hanging out with Fionn by herself for a while.


I caught Sam and trimmed his hooves before I put him back up with Xerxes.  I just left the Love Shack gate open, and that means Vinnie was back with the rest of the girls.


Then I finally got Cookie to come out.

Finally, that meant all the girls were back in the main barnyard where I wanted them!

Unfortunately, it was late enough in the day by the time I got all of this done that the goats didn’t go back out to pasture.  That means I had to leave Fionn all by himself for the night.


I wasn’t about to try to walk him through the whole herd after the fat boy wethers tried playing with Sam while I was walking him.

Myson and Casey (aka brothers from another mother)

Because those boys were really wound up with all the changes going on.


Watching for Heat Signs

14 Jan

I’m watching all my girls for signs of being in heat.  I like to know when I’m going to have babies due.  So far, the only girl I’ve seen in heat is Betty Lou.

Betty Lou

That’s good because she’s not supposed to be bred because she’s retired, but that doesn’t help me.  Fionn will do his job when girls come into heat, and I just hope I notice.

Haley and Fionn

Sam is also good at his job.  I thought he was done, but I decided to put him and Vinnie together in the Love Shack because they neither one likes the cold, and I’ve given them a heat lamp.

Vinnie and Sam

Xerxes has his girls, but he’s not quite as dedicated to his job.

Dolly, Sidney, LilyAnn, Xerxes (and Zinnia behind the post)

In fact, he’s still almost more interested in seeing if I have peanuts than he is in girls.

“Did you bring me a peanut?”

I don’t know what I’m going to do with this boy.  He better figure it out.

Moving the Goats Around

7 Jan

Today was the day I moved my goats around to make June babies.  It was an off-and-on process that took most of the day, but I got everyone where they belong!  Sam and Vinnie were easy.  They are in the Love Shack.


Vinnie was happy to see her little girls, even if she is still shut away from them.  It didn’t stop her from talking to yelling at them.

Vinnie and Sam

Xerxes was easy to move up north.  I had no problems getting my three February girls, Sidney, LilyAnn and Zinnia, up there with him.

Xerxes and Sidney

Although, LilyAnn did escape once before I had the gate securely fastened.


It was pretty easy to get Dolly to go up there too, but when I came out later, she was standing in the outside bird pen.  That would be because of the hole Sam put in the fence.  I hobbled it and got her back up there.  As of this evening, they are all four with him yet.

“Don’t laugh.  I got to eat the birds’ grain.” –Dolly

Fionn didn’t have to move.  I just had to bring girls to him.


I caught Victoria, Haley, Harley, Reva and Cookie and put with him.

Harley and Reva

I was going to put Stormy in there, but she seemed a bit off this morning.  She is better this afternoon, so I’ll keep an eye on her and decide if I want to put her in there in the next couple of days.


Otherwise, we have ten girls with the boys in hopes of lots of healthy little June babies!