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18 Sep

I let you in on my little secret Monday that I was thinking of keeping Joani.

Joani van de Yell

Joani van de Yell

Well, I’m also thinking of keeping Reva.

Reva van de Yell

Reva van de Yell

She’s one of Litha’s triplets from March, and she’s also friendly.  For some reason, it seems like it’s always my boys that are sweet, so I’m jumping at the opportunity to keep a couple of sweet girls.

doe goat

I have discovered I’m a horrible goat maa though because I don’t have a recent picture of her adorable face.  I’ll certainly have to remedy that situation.

These are the only two girls I’m thinking of keeping.

I’m sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter R.  I’m also linking to Rurality Blog Hop.

As a bonus R, I just got the notification that my new novel has been released.  It’s so new that the links to Amazon and Barnes and Nobles don’t work yet.  I’ll certainly update you when these are live (and the Kindle edition is available).