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Hanging Out

8 Sep

The goats are spending most of their time out in pasture, but they do hang out in the barnyard in the morning and the evening.

Chiffon hoping for peanuts

My sweet gurl Purl

Little sister Trace and big sister Bubbles


Caroline snacking on a pepper from the compost pile

Archie checking out the latch on the Love Shack door

Pluto coming to see me

They make me smile.

Weaning Herself

27 Aug

The other day I heard a goat yelling from the north paddock.  You might recall I had my three does up there to wean (I was milking their maas).

Fannie, Six, and Cher

I assumed it was Cher because Fannie and Six both had horn apparatuses at that time (Six has lost hers now).  She gets stuck just often enough I think I should put one on her, but it’s not so often that I’ve actually gotten around to it.  Anyhow, imagine my surprise when I went up there and found Flora!


She had managed to sneak in with the other girls but couldn’t figure out how to get out.

Now she’s weaned.  I have four does up north.

That was awfully nice of her to wean herself for me.

More Pasture Scenes

20 Feb

I hope you’re not tired of pictures from pasture last weekend because we’ve got more!

Three generations front to back: Dolly, Antigone, and Pistol





Coral, Astra, Penny, and Maisie


And there will be still more coming.