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Tomato Hostage

28 Sep

I am seriously being held hostage by the tomatoes.  I’ve been busy with them all day.  I started by picking the garden and then roasting a bunch.


I’d never roasted tomatoes before this week. I tried it Thursday and decided they were so good I needed to do more.

roasting tomatoes

Between Thursday and today, I roasted more than a five gallon bucket of tomatoes.


When they were done, I ran them through the vintage colander to make sauce.

making tomato sauce

tomato sauce

Then I added some herbs and canned it.


pot of tomato sauce

I got twenty pints.  I did try it out on a pizza tonight, and I do think it was amazing!  I might even have to roast more when I get more tomatoes ripe.

tomato sauce

I don’t have any more ripe tomatoes because this afternoon,  I made seven pints of salsa.


I think I’ll be seeing tomatoes in my sleep.

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