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Fall Scavenger Hunt

22 Sep

I’m already late joining Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt, so let’s get right to it.  This week’s topics are Something You Wore, Reflection, Inside Your Fridge, Morning, and Daily Routine.

Something You Wore:  My barnyard shoes are really in need of retiring.  But they’re so comfy!

barnyard shoes

Reflection:  I did notice at the bonfire last night, that the comfy barnyard shoes were a bit chilly since the sides are pretty much ripped out.  It didn’t keep me from enjoying the moonlight (aka reflected light from the sun).

bonfire and moon

bonfire collage

Inside Your Fridge:  You don’t want to go there.  These eggs are fresh out of the chicken and will be heading to the fridge soon.

farm fresh eggs

Morning:  Okay, I’m not a morning person, so I’m going to pretend the prompt was evening.  This is my Snickers this evening. He’s getting canned cat food, and his mouth seems to be feeling better.



Daily Routine:  Part of my daily routine is feeding the goats.  There will never be pictures of that because I kind of get swarmed by everyone wanting their food.  Minnie Pearl, as herd queen, was happily eating from the last pan after everyone was done.

Minnie Pearl Saanen

Minnie Pearl Saanen

The boys also swarm me when I feed them.

Prince Charming, Quigley,  Vince

Prince Charming, Quigley, and Vince

This week, the Song-ography song is Pink by Aerosmith.  I don’t have  a lot of pink around here, but the sedum is just beginning to open.

sedum flower

Just because, I also want to wish everyone a…

fall gourd

Even though the bonfire we lit was because it was the first perfect night to have a fire in a long time, and we were trying to burn the pile of brush in the middle of the hayfield, I was very happy that it fell on the eve of Mabon.  It was a wonderful evening of family and fun.

I’m also sharing with Mosaic Monday.