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Hendrickson Marsh Random 5 Friday

13 Sep

There’s a marsh just a few miles from where I live.  When the biology teacher at work asked if I could bring him some water from my pasture and some hay for an experiment, I couldn’t do it.  We’re so dry, there’s not a drop of water in my Back Forty.  It did make a good excuse to go to Hendrickson’s Marsh for some water and photography though.

public hunting area

Hendrickson Marsh is a state-owned public area. Of course I only shoot with my Nikon.

shotgun shell

There are others that do come for hunting.

fish line caught on wire

Be aware of the electric lines when casting your fishing line.

I’m still dealing with allergies/hives.  I’ve talked to the administration at work, and I hope they will move my desk from the slightly damp basement where the wood shop is located.  I’m really tired of hives and headaches.


marsh plants

Hard to get good reflections in the brackish water

Hard to get good reflections in the brackish water

I’ve been busy canning tomatoes and salsa.  More is on the agenda for the weekend.  I also need to do some spaghetti sauce.  I’m hoping all of my necessary canning is done after this weekend.  Then I can give away or can as my mood and time permits.


I don’t know specific kinds of birds here. Anyone wanting to help identify, I’d appreciate it.

water birds


bird at marsh

We actually had nearly a half inch of rain this week, and there are a couple of more chances in the forecast.  The temperatures have also fallen to more normal for this time of year.  I’m very grateful for the cooler weather and rain.  I’m just hoping my soybeans can give me a halfway decent crop.

marsh sunset

I need to do some fence repair between my boys and my girls.  The little girls are still going in to eat with the big bucks, and it’s making me nervous.  Hopefully I can get someone with a backhoe to help me set new posts.

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