Making Kids

We’re getting ready to mix the boys and girls to make spring break kids again.

Boeris and Fionn

Boeris and Fionn

We’ll do that tomorrow even though the boys have been ready for quite some time!

Bucks in rut

I’m not happy that I don’t have spring break from work again this year, but I do have someone coming to help me.



I even have a backup plan and a second backup plan,



but I’m really looking forward to my visitor coming to help!

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My Own Paradise on Earth

I think this is the most beautiful sight in the world.

Goats in fall pasture

Well, maybe if they would turn around and show me their faces instead of their butts.

Goats in Pasture

Oh well.  It’s still my own paradise, my Garden of Eden, my Xanadu.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter X.  X is for Xanadu.

A Goat’s Memory

Goats have very good memories.  Just ask Millie.  She’ll tell you that she’s still mad at me for having foot surgery and abandoning them most of the summer.

Saanen doe goat

See the stink eye?  That’s a sure sign.  Also, when I try to pet her, she dodges my hand.  Seriously!

Saanen nanny goat

I was surprised when she decided to go out to pasture with me.

Saanen doe goat

She was the only one in the barnyard.  She is starting to show her age a bit, but she can still make it out to pasture for part of the day.

Saanen doe goat

Still, when we got out there, I saw she was looking for the rest of the herd rather than staying with me.  So much for thinking she was just walking with me.

Saanen doe goat in pasture

Finally, we saw the rest of the herd and joined them.

goat herd in pasture

I decided to sneak away since everyone was happily browsing.  But look who decided to follow me!  She really does love me!

Saanen doe goat

Then the rest of the herd joined us.

goats running down hill

I do love them.

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