At the Market

It was finally a beautiful night for the farmer’s market.


It’s about time!

A Break in the Weather

We’ve finally gotten a break from the rainy spell we’ve been in.  How I hope it makes its way to some of the dry places that desperately need it.  Since we’re drying out, we’re making hay again.

cut hay by cornfield

My hay got cut yesterday, and I’m hoping it will get baled tomorrow.

cut hay in waterways

I went for a walk around the waterways and north part where we make hay.


I have to admit I was scouting where I want to do family portraits for next weekend’s mini-shoots.


I’m excited about the photo shoot and the hay!

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Red Neck Privacy Fence

I live in the country and want peace away from everyone else in the world.  I have a privacy fence.  No.  It’s not that repurposed dilapidated woven wire fence that keeps my Millie goat in the yard.



It didn’t do a very good job of keeping Stella in the yard when she was younger, but she’s old and slowed down, so it keeps her in the yard now too.



The privacy fence, though, is all those scrub trees growing in the ditch.

great pyrenees

They block my view of the road and make me feel like I’m truly in the middle of nowhere.  I kind of like it that way.

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