I Love My Goats

I love spending time with the goats out in pasture, but it seems like forever since I’ve been out there with them.  Life is just too busy right now.

Goat in Pasture

I went and saw Bud again tonight.  He’s much perkier and lively.  He seems to be recovering nicely from the surgery.  Unfortunately, he still has stones in his urethra that they couldn’t remove, and he’s still not able to pass them.  That means they are going to try to figure out how to get rid of them tomorrow, so that he can urinate on his own again.

New Plumage

Someone lost all of his feathers, and now he’s starting to grow next spring’s tailfeathers in.

Peacock back growing feathers

He looks a little funny now,


but he’ll be gorgeous when they finish growing out.

Bud and Soap

It’s been way too long since I joined Ashley Sisk for her scavenger hunt.  This week’s items are:  book, mail, star, saturated, and wall.

Mom and I went to see Bud at the Iowa State Universtiy veterinary hospital this morning.  I don’t know how they manage to keep the walls so white.  They must hose it down and repaint after every patient.



We brought him treats of peanuts.

Dairy wether

I think we pretty much saturated him with peanuts.

Dairy wether

Dairy wether

I know, Bud, but saturated is not an easy word for the scavenger hunt.  He was a rock star (or maybe that white spot on his head is a star)!  He’s improving, and they are going to clamp off the catheter for a couple of hours tomorrow to see if he can take care of business on his own.

Dairy wether

Dairy wether

Dairy wether

I hope it goes well.  Of course, he can’t come home until he get the catheter out, so we hope it works tomorrow.  He’s awfully lonely there.  Even though the vet students spoil him, he still misses home and the rest of the herd.

When I got home, I prepared a soap order to go out in the mail.

Soap to Mail

I have all my soaps out on a shelf in front of my books.  Makes it hard to get a book, but it’s a convenient place to keep the soaps.

Soap Rack

Then I took the soap I made yesterday out of the molds and cut it.

Moroccan Mint, Magnolia, and Jasmine Dreams

Moroccan Mint, Magnolia, and Jasmine Dreams

I finally got motivated this afternoon and made another four batches.  This time it was Spellbound Woods, Candy, Cornmeal Scrubbing with Tea Tree Oil, and Beach Breezes.

Soap in molds

I have about four more batches to do before I feel pretty much ready for Christmas sales.

Sharing with Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

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