Waiting and Worrying

I seem to be spending a lot of time waiting and worrying right now.  I talked with the ISU vet again today.  They removed his catheter and inserted a scope that allowed them to see.  His bladder is still aggravated and has stones in it.  They tried pushing saline through to remove the stones in his urethra.  That didn’t work.  Because he has these funky metallic stones (they’ve never seen stones like this before, but my local vet said they just took metallic stones from another goat), they could take a picture.  There are three still in his urethra.  Of course, the largest one is plugging things up.  They are going to start using an acid to try to dissolve the stones.  We’ll see how that works.  Hopefully, it will work because the next option would be another surgery.

Goats in pasture

I also seem to be watching and waiting and wondering how much longer my sweet Stella will be here.  The tumors along her mammary glands are getting bigger and spreading.  I can tell she’s slowing down and losing weight.  I know she’s 10 1/2, but I still love my freaky girl.

Stella 12ew

I’m still waiting to be done with all the extra visits to the eye doctor from the lasik procedure (I had a little glitch), and I’m just tired of waiting in the clinic.  They have horrible wait times, and I’m just not very patient.


I guess I’m waiting for things to calm down, but they just never seem to.

I’m sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where this week’s letter is W.  W is for waiting and worrying.

I Love My Goats

I love spending time with the goats out in pasture, but it seems like forever since I’ve been out there with them.  Life is just too busy right now.

Goat in Pasture

I went and saw Bud again tonight.  He’s much perkier and lively.  He seems to be recovering nicely from the surgery.  Unfortunately, he still has stones in his urethra that they couldn’t remove, and he’s still not able to pass them.  That means they are going to try to figure out how to get rid of them tomorrow, so that he can urinate on his own again.

New Plumage

Someone lost all of his feathers, and now he’s starting to grow next spring’s tailfeathers in.

Peacock back growing feathers

He looks a little funny now,


but he’ll be gorgeous when they finish growing out.

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