Monday Random-ocity

The Good.  My little cherry tree has tons of green cherries that are growing and starting to get big.  I can’t wait for them to be red and ripe.

Growing Cherries

The Random.  This falls more into the category of I told her so.  The goose is gone.  It looks like she escaped, but her nest was destroyed, and I only found the remains of a couple of eggs.  I really didn’t think that she picked a very good spot.  I’m glad she seems to have escaped.

destroyed goose nest

Broken Goose Egg

Broken goose egg

The Fun.  Other birds are just building their nest the way it looks.  I’m also adding the red-winged blackbird just for the fun of it.

bird nesting

Red-Winged Blackbird

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Just Some Goats

It was a nice but breezy day to join the goats in pasture.

Minnie Pearl

Minnie Pearl

I love seeing them out here eating, scratching, and snoozing.

Bud and Moose

Bud and Moose



Whenever I’m out here taking pictures, it never fails that I get a real close look at Marley. (Hope it’s close enough to macro.)  It’s a good thing he’s a sweet boy.

wether eye and horn

I think he’s handsome.  No wonder his boy, Fionn, is such a good looking guy too.

Marley Fionn


I have to say, my favorite thing to see is those sweet mother/kid bonding moments.

Wanda and Muffin Penny and Patch

Wanda and Muffin
Penny and Patch

They are amazing!

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Scavenger Hunt

This week’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts are perfect for me on the farm.  They are: makes me happy, horizon, favorite place, bubbles, and yellow.

Obviously, my favorite place is my farm.  I get to see all kinds of wonderful things here.  I believe it might be an oriole (It’s kind of a Where’s Oriole type of photo.), and the second one is another eastern kingbird.



It makes me happy to see healthy animals on a lush pasture.  The guard llama ups the happiness quotient too.


It’s fun to see the goats running over the horizon out there (and a bonus barn swallow).


I looked for bubbles in the ditch.  I actually do find them sometimes, but not tonight.  Ripples will have to do instead of bubbles.


I did a better job of finding yellow.



I don’t have a clue what they are, but they do have yellow!

For some reason, I’m having issues with my Internet connection.  If I disappear and don’t post, that’s probably why.

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