When I was tracking Annie down in the pasture last night, I saw my first dickcissel of the year.


It was nice enough to pose.

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Getting Ready for Kidding

My first spring break baby is due on Sunday. I’m not sure Mary looks like she’s going to be the first, but she’s due first.



Litha is due the next day.



The next day, I have nine goats due.  What that means is everyone is so close together that anyone could go at any time.



We’ll be busy.  I have help coming from Canada.  Really!  My wonderful goat sister Claire, who gave me Coffee, is returning to Iowa for a kidding vacation.

Coffee is the black one.

Coffee is the mostly black one.

I’m excited to see her and meet all the new kids coming in the next week.  All that excitement means my newfound progress (not great yet, but I’m trying) at actually getting around to comment on blogs might be put on hold.

A bonus random thought: I think all my problems of commenting on Blogger blogs with my WordPress ID have been fixed.  I downloaded a different browser, and I had no problems.  Well, tonight, I logged in to Millie’s (now defunct) blog.  Then I couldn’t comment again!  I logged out on my old browser, and it worked.  If only I could have Googled the solution!

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Cloudy Skies

Today was another cool cloudy day, nearly hiding the sun.  That’s not a complaint considering the tornadoes and snow and all kinds of bad weather around us.  It’s just an observation.


I’m also pleased to say that by the time we start kidding this weekend or early next week, the weather should be perfect!  Now I might be gloating a little bit, but please don’t hold it against me. I’m very grateful for this good kidding weather.

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