Udder Check Season

15 Feb

It’s about a month until we have spring break babies.

Gidget (and Ava in back)

I’m getting anxious to know who actually settled or if I missed someone coming back into heat.


Since they are this close, I can start to feel udders to see if they are starting to make milk.


It’s not an exact science as to when they will start developing, especially with the cold we’ve had.


They tend not to drop until just before they kid when it’s really cold.


I know some are making udders, but others will just have to keep me guessing for a little while yet.

Cutie, Sallie (retired) and Annie

I hope we warm up by the time we start kidding.



Feeling the Heat

14 Feb

You might remember that Stormy was not feeling well because of worms and was completely anemic, so she was put in with Aurora for a couple of weeks.


I kicked her out because she’s kind of pushy and didn’t want to share food very well.  She’s got really pink eyes now and looks good.

The other day she was in love with Casey.

Stormy and Casey

If I weren’t adamant that I’m not kidding in July, I’d say I could have thrown her in with a buck.  Instead I’ll just let her retire.

More Snow Shots

13 Feb

After hardly an snow for the last couple of years, it’s kind of nice to see some out there.

Sky thinks it’s a lot of fun.  It certainly makes his Jolly Ball easy to find.

Our skies have not been very sunny though.  I do miss sunshine.  It’s almost like it’s being held prisoner to Old Man Winter.

Lovely weeds beneath the snow.

This boy!  He is a maniac.

I do like the dramatic look. 

But I am starting to really look forward to spring.  Even though that will mean more mud again.