After the Storm

We survived the snow yesterday, and we only had about three inches.  Today we have a ton of sunshine, but it hasn’t done much for the temperatures.

Sun icicles

We reached a high of 11*F (-11.6*C) and we’re supposed to be about the same tomorrow.

Sundog Icicle

The only thing this winter has been good for is icicles and sundogs.


Okay, I know we need our cold season, but I’m ready for more average temperatures.

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Old Man Winter

Old Man Winter showed up this morning, and we had an early out from school.  I’m glad I got home in plenty of time before the roads got too bad.  The goats were all in the barn.

Goat in barn during snow

Some have decided to curl up and take a nap while they wait for the storm to end.



Others are enjoying some quality family time.

Stormy (right) with daughters Haley and Harley

Stormy (right) with daughters Haley and Harley

We dont’ have too much snow yet, but it’s still coming down.  The fence post is just slightly covered.

Fence Post

Same with the African goose.

African Goose

If we get a lot, I won’t be able to see the Embden geese with their orange bills tucked in.

Embden Geese

Hopefully, it won’t be too bad, but they’re predicting another storm for this weekend.

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A Big Appetite

I set a bowl of peanuts out for the squirrel.  After all, he convinced me that he was horribly cold and neglected and needed some.  (Don’t tell Millie and Bud.)

peanut bowl 019ew

I noticed my bowl was emptied, but I never saw who took them.  I hadn’t seen the squirrel.  I hadn’t even noticed any blue jays around.  So who showed up when I refilled it?

Nuthatch 076ew

The nuthatch!

Nuthatch 082ew

Nuthatch 085ew

He actually carried that whole peanut off!

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