If Only

21 Jul

If only is really not my friend tonight.

If only I had decided to worm goats last week instead of having it on my agenda for next week…

If only I had noticed Pixie wasn’t feeling well sooner…



If only I hadn’t cut their supplemental bottles down…

If only I’d known how little they were getting from their mom…



If only the weather had been better to let the pasture be better quality…

If only the kids had gone to pasture with their moms…



If only I’d made Pixie and Red full bottle kids when Miles refused to take one…

If only I had taken Pixie to Iowa State the day before…



If only after perking up and doing well she hadn’t crashed…

If only the vets could have brought her back…

If only we didn’t have an excessive heat warning…



If only my air conditioner hadn’t quit yesterday…

If only I could have brought Miles into a cool place sooner…



If only my vets could have performed a miracle…

If only we could have kidded in March…



If only I didn’t have to make farm decisions on my work schedule…

I’ve lost both Miles and Pixie.  I had to do an emergency weaning of all the moms we’ve been helping feed kids because they are all completely anemic, open-mouthed panting, and a couple have bottle jaw.  I’m hoping we can make it through the next couple days of excessive heat.

I promise tomorrow’s post for Friday’s Hunt will be happy.  I’d love for you to join me.

A Life Saver

20 Jul

When I went out this morning, Pixie had taken a turn for the worse.  I loaded her and Cinnamon up and went to Iowa State University’s Lloyd Veterinary Hospital.

Blood donor goat_2026ews

Cinnamon with her blood donor sticker.

Cinnamon gave blood, and Pixie had a transfusion.

blood donor goat_2032ews

Cinnamon is back home happily munching green stuff and resting.  Pixie is still in the hospital, but I expect a call this evening or first thing in the morning for me to bring her home.

I hate parasites.

I hope you’ll come back and join me for Friday’s Hunt.  The items for this week are at the top of my sidebar.

When it Rains…

19 Jul

Well, I am declaring our horrible dry summer to be over.  We had rain again all day today.  My barnyard is actually muddy!  The only ones who like that though are the geese (notice some little gosling is getting feathers!).


The goats hibernated all day.  They just finally got to go out to pasture to eat this afternoon.



The kids are still in the barn.

Vanilla, George,

Vanilla, George, Martha, Gomez, Chocolate, and Daisy

One bad thing about the rain we’ve had in the last couple of weeks is that the worm eggs rise to the top of the barnyard.  Add to that the kids are still not all going out to pasture, and that’s a recipe for worms.  Can you see in Pixie’s eyes that she looks tired.  Poor baby isn’t feeling well.  Everyone got wormed today.



Aside from worming kids, I spent my day in the soap room.  I got three batches of soap made.

Plumeria, Lightly Lavender, Moonlight Pomegranate

Plumeria, Lightly Lavender, Moonlight Pomegranate

Can’t wait to see how the design turns out on this one.


I guess I’ll have to finish weeding the pumpkins when we have our 110 – 115*F (43.3 – 46.1*C) heat indexes for the next three days.

pumpkin patch_2013ews

Hope everyone else that is flooding and baking stays safe!

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