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Friends in the Field

24 Sep

I believe we had a set of twin deer orphaned in the pasture.  My nephew saw them when he was getting the round bales out of pasture, and I’ve seen at least one of them a few times.

Way back when it was still tiny

The reason I am pretty sure they are orphans are because you typically don’t see them out that often by themselves–bouncing around and hanging out with the llamas by themselves.  I also found that a deer got caught in the fence. I felt horrible.  If I had seen her stuck there, I could have rescued her.  That is the exact same way Tiger caught his foot in the fence the week before I sold him.

I’m not sure if these are the same twins or not.  It’s hard to judge what they should look like by now.

Sorry for the poor quality. It was just dawn and horribly foggy.

This one jumped the fence the other morning when I went out to milk goats and startled them.  I’m not sure it can get back over because it’s a lot bigger jump from the pasture side.

This one almost looks older, but I think they are both still fairly young.

I hope they can thrive in the pasture (and avoid hunters this fall).

The Misadventures of Ducky

14 Sep

I think I mentioned a time or two that I was checking to make sure Ducky was with the herd, but I never actually told the story of why that is necessary.

Ducky hanging with gal pal, Sappho

One evening, I was doing my last check of the herd because I saw on the radar that it looked like a storm was going to hit us.  As I was doing my check, I could see rain and lightning to the west.  But I did not see Ducky.

Then I remembered that Caroline had come up with my milking girls and wanted to come in, but she didn’t have Ducky with her.  It wasn’t a big deal to me at the time because Ducky is old enough she isn’t always right by her mom.

Caroline and Pretzel begging to come in

I checked in pasture again and all of the buildings, and then I felt Caroline’s udder–it was full.  I was guessing she hadn’t been nursed since morning.  That really worried me because any time we’ve had coyote issues, it’s in the morning.

Caroline’s daughter, Ducky

I jumped in the ranger and drove like crazy through the buffer strip and around to the gates into the Back Forty because I was seeing more lightning, and I could feel the rain in the air.  I raced past the llamas on the second hill and started going to the south along the fence.

When I got to the draw between the back hill and the front hill, I kept getting closer.  It’s hard to see all the way to the bottom, and I had to see there because it’s a place the goats like to eat.

I didn’t know what I was going to hit in the tall grass, but I just kept going.  Then I saw a little white body.

I ran to her and was so relieved to see she was okay, just stuck where two panels overlap.  I got her out and didn’t even give her a chance to get her feet under her or have a potty break.  It’s not easy to get a four-month-old wild goat to stay in the Ranger with you, but I hadn’t taken the time to get the big pet taxi.  And, honestly, I really thought she was gone.  But we managed to get down the hill and then, instead of heading to the gate where I came in, I turned and went down the bottom towards the barnyard.  I felt a couple of sprinkles and I turned to go back up the hill that  took us to the lane.  I let her out and she ran back up to be with her mom.

I tell you, the next evening in pasture when I was checking again, she just stared at me.  It’s like she finally figured out what my purpose is out in the pasture.

And she is a smart little girl, because she has not gotten stuck since.

Wednesday Pics

7 Sep

Salem is the one who dumped the plant.   Herbie just thought it would be fun to nap in the dirt before I got it cleaned up.


I’m afraid that the increase in the cat population might require me to get a bigger bed.  It’s getting a bit crowded.  Rocky always sleeps on the pillow on the other side of the bed.

Salem, Herbie, and Tiger

Bob is still spending most of his time outside.  I hate to think what it will be like this winter when he comes in to hibernate.

Bob on the patio.

When I was coming in from milking the other morning, I noticed something on my deck rail. Closer inspection showed it to be a Polyphemus moth.  They are so big!

Polyphemus moth

There are just tons of bugs this year.  Judging by the number of pictures on the Iowa FB groups, it’s been a really good year for praying mantises.  I saw this one on my front gate just a few days after photographing the one in the garden.

praying mantis

Last weekend, I did manage to step away from tomatoes long enough to do some yard work.  Of course, Sky had to join me out in the yard.


I finished putting another layer of panel along the bottom of the fence to make sure no little kids can get through the yard.  I also replaced all the twine I had used tied panels to the posts with wire. Hopefully, when I put Xerxes back up north, he won’t fall through the fence into the yard again.

Even the kids know the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

While I was working on fence, I noticed one last remaining clump of garlic chives.

garlic chives

I just had to photograph the chicory.  I love its blue color.

Happy hump day!  Or it’s past hump day since this is a short week.