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Killer Ducks

30 Jan

You might remember I had my rooster, Rodney, attacked by the ducks, and he lost all his neck feathers.  Well Rodney is doing well, but any doubt I had about the ducks being the culprit has been vanquished.


I came home three days ago to find one of my chickens had been attacked.  I didn’t expect her to make it through the night, but she did.

Chickens 021ew

I don’t know how she’s hanging in there, but she is.  Her comb is gone.  Her feathers are gone.  Her skin is gone.  Along with the head, she has a leg that was injured.  Poor baby.

chicken ew

I have her on pain killers and am helping her drink and feeding her egg yolk through a syringe.  I don’t know if she’s going to make it or not, but the ducks are leaving my farm in the morning.  They are going to my sister’s farm where they will have a larger space and more ducks.  Hopefully, they won’t attack her chickens.

How to Make a Chicken Happy

10 Nov

How do you make chickens happy?

Phoenix Chickens

white cochin hen

You give them some fresh straw.  The peafowl were also enjoying scratching through the straw.

Bird Coop

It makes the ducks happy too, but they were enjoying the warm weather yesterday.

anacona duck

They’re all happy to get the fresh bedding with the colder weather.

Walking Orders

31 May

I did it.  I kicked the two naughty drakes out of the chicken/peacock/duck building.


I left their girlfriend in there.  She’s sitting on a nest.  The two boys keep walking along the pen trying to figure out how to get back in there.



I’m sure they’ll settle down.  It’s not like they’re being neglected.  I gave them a handful of corn when I fed Little Bit and Quigley.

Quigley and Little Bit

Quigley and Little Bit

They also have their pool out there.





They’ve been exploring and enjoying the new grass that’s coming up.



It won’t be long before they settle down.  If their girlfriend hatches ducklings, we’ll let them get a good start, and then I’ll put them out too.

I’m sharing with Song-ography where the song is Keep on Walking by Passenger.  I’m also sharing with SOOC Sunday (all photos) and Bird d’Pot.