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Having My Babies

6 Jun

After a whole night of checking Sallie every hour because she was standing like she was in labor, her day passed without any kids also.  Saturday night was looking to be another every hour check.  Thankfully, between my midnight and one in the morning check, she had given birth.  Two girls.

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Sadly, Sallie has mastitis, so I am bottle feeding her kids.  One is doing great, but the other is not doing well. I’m not sure if she drank colostrum with bacteria or what.  I’m hoping for the best and giving her antibiotics.

Then in the afternoon, when I was going back to check on Sallie and her girls, I heard a kid cry.  I was afraid Harley lost a kid in pasture, but no!  Maggie was in the Quonset hut with a brand new Strawberry kid.

Maggie and Strawberry

Maggie and Strawberry

After a while, she tried having the second, but it had a front leg bent back from the shoulder, so I had to straighten that out before Chocolate could arrive.

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Then she finally moved the thir baby into place, bu there was only one leg and some other body part down there.  I finally figured out it was a back leg and tail.  I had to go in and find the other leg and get it straightened out before Vanilla arrived.

Maggie and Vanilla

Maggie and Vanilla

Just a short time after that, I was coming out to give Sallie’s girls a bottle andn saw Vixen had long strings of stuff hanging.  When I got closer, I could see two feet and a nose all right there.  I straightened out the front legs, and her  baby fell out.

Vixen's buck

Vixen’s buck

He was immediately followed by his sister.  You can check out a video of these two HERE.  You can also get much more up-to-the-minute kidding news there.

Saanen Doe_8462ews

Vixen’s Doe

This one is just what I asked for!  A pretty little Sam and Vixen doe with wattles who is also super sweet!  I forgot to put in the request for no entropion eye though.

Vixen's Doe

Vixen’s Doe

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Mowing Rye

30 May

My nephew came today to mow the rye where we will plant pumpkins.  The rye will be left there, and the pumpkins will be planted in those narrow empty rows.

mowing collage

“He just takes the tractor another round”

When you let the rye get this tall, it tends to get tangled in the discbine, but we wanted to make sure it was fully headed out, so it doesn’t grow back.


“It’s another day in the dusty haze.”

I love this scene.  It means progress towards the pumpkin patch this fall!


“underneath this Eden Hills sky”

While I was out there, I also noticed how tall the grass is in the buffer strip.

grass collage

“Please don’t let my dreams run dry.”

There’s a lot of clover mixed in.


He says, “I never complain. I never ask: “Why?”

And the alfalfa is starting to bloom.

alfalfa collage

“Let my crops and children grow”

It kind of looks like we should be making hay.  There’s always more to do on a farm than there are hours and days to get it done.

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Big Green Tractor

23 May

My ninety-three-year-old uncle came out on Saturday with his Big Green Tractor.


Between work and weather I didn’t have things quite as ready as I wanted.  My nephews pulled the old railroad ties out of the ground where the strawberry bed used to be, but between working and weather, I never got it burned.  I also need to rip out the stone border around the herb garden and start it over or put it into the garden.


With with all those obstacles, it wasn’t easy to till.  I was standing out there trying to give my uncle hand signals as to which way to back up because he’s pretty deaf even when he isn’t in a tractor.


About half way through, he got way off and slowly got down from the tractor to see where he was.  He said he couldn’t get turned around (stiff neck) enough to see where he was going.  I mentioned trying to stand right where he needed to back to.  Of course, that’s when he told me he couldn’t see a thing because his eyes were watering.  Luckily, at ninety-three he only drives slowly because the one time he would have backed over me, I could pretty easily step out of the way.


We got it done!  Now I can at least plant the majority of the garden.  I only see one problem with this.

Yard Goat in Garden_7217ews

Yard goats.

Today’s post is brought to you my my Uncle Robert, Song-ography and Jason Aldean’s Big Green Tractor.

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