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In Twenty Years With Chickens

31 Mar

I’ve had chickens for twenty years now.  I’ve had a lot of different experiences with them.  But this winter has certainly been a first with my phoenix hen.

Mama Phoenix and Nugget

You might remember, she hurt her leg and spent some time healing last summer.

phoenix hen enjoying cucumber

Then she reinjured it during the polar vortex and came to stay in the garage.

Mama Phoenix

Unfortunately, she felt better and decided to roost in the rafters.  When she came down, she chose to land on the concrete instead of the soft bedded side where the llama and kids were.  She ended up completely destroying her legs.

Mama Phoenix and Cinnamon

I tried to keep her comfy and make sure she could get to the food and water.  I know it was painful, but I hoped she would heal over time.  (Pictures from this point foreward are current and get a little graphic.)

I just didn’t know that the way she would heal was by losing her feet.

One is completely gone.

see the stump hanging down

The other is still on there but dead.

I did talk with my vet, and he said I was doing the right thing (you know, since I didn’t just wring her neck when she hurt herself).  Once the second foot falls off, I’ll give her a bath and try to clean her up better, but I don’t want to do that right now.  It’s just hard to balance and move around with that dead foot still on there. She really doesn’t seem to be in pain now.  She talks to me when I come in, and she has a really good appetite.

My hope is that she will be able to balance and get around in the rabbit hutch a little easier when she doesn’t have a dead foot on there.  I never would have dreamed up a scenario like this, and I hope we never have it happen again.  Poor baby.

Stop Doing That!

3 May

Harley is killing me.  She’s still not walking well on her back legs due to the injury.  The vet looked at her when he was here for Sallie.  She’s staying shut in the Love Shack (and I even cut her outside pen in half) and staying on the anti-inflammatory meds until she has her kids.  That is, if she can tolerate it that long.  I really wish I had a firm due date for her too.

Harley Blackboer

It would help if she would act like she’s trying to take it easy.  When she sees me, however, she knows she’s going to get hay or grain or medicine-laced peanut butter.  She even tries putting her front hooves up on the fence to stand.  She just scares me every time she does that.  Seriously.  She needs to stop doing that and just rest.

Caroline Update

10 Jul

Caroline is still hobbling around.  I did finally call the vet back and ask his definition of “a long time.”  Well, a ligament injury can take twice as long as a break to heal.  That means 12 – 16 weeks before she’s completely healed.  That’s if she doesn’t reinjure in.  Poor baby.

Caroline and Annie

At least, he shared that there aren’t a lot of nerves.  She doesn’t walk on it because it feels all loose.  It’s nature’s way of making her rest it.

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