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Some Friday Notes

14 Jan

My nephew brought the goats his Christmas tree last weekend. By the time I got home, they had stripped it clean.


By the next day, they had a good start on the bark.


My peacock is working hard on getting his tail grown out.  He’ll look handsome for those hens who really don’t care.

The goose appreciates the fresh corn stalk bedding.  It’s nice to snuggle down in when it’s cold outside.

With all the breeding talk, my wethers were feeling left out, so here they are from oldest to youngest.






Salem seems to be accepting Sky finally.

Sky and Salem

These two llamas are just crazy.  Actually, I think there is some weird hormonal thing going on.

Odie and Maybeline

Which explains why we’ve never had a cria.

And I just have to share Tiger again.


Oh, that tail!

Yummy Bedding

23 Dec

My nephew brought out a round cornstalk bale to put in the back part of the barn.  Honestly, it’s to cover the llama poop pile.


Cinnamon was checking it out.

Here comes everyone else!





It seems to be pretty yummy.

Cleaning the Barn

10 Dec

While the weather was nice on Sunday and since it wasn’t too horribly muddy but still too wet to do a lot of things on the farm, he decided it was a good day to clean out my barn.  He actually got to borrow the skidsteer this time.

He used it to get the manure out of the barn and dump it into the spreader in my field.

It’s a lot smaller than the tractor, but it still fills the barn up pretty good.

Especially when he has to back it out.  I’m glad he’s the one that was driving it.

He managed to get a pretty good load on the spreader.

When he finished cleaning it out, he switched tools from the bucket to the hay tines.

Then he brought in a cornstalk bale.  I cut the wrapping off, and then he shook it loose.

Then he backed up and shook more off.  It worked really  well.

Then the goats decided that their new bedding was really delicious.

Astra even found some corn.

This was a good job to get done before this week’s cold weather.