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Problems with the Bird Pen

25 Sep

My outside space for the birds is pretty big.  It gives them room to get outside and still be safe from predators.  For the most part.  I have to shut them in the building at night because the raccoons were finding ways to sneak in.

I give them treats from the garden.

They do just fine in there.

Now, some buck is in big trouble.

Sam Goodberry

He’s used his horns to destroy part of the pen.  It’s been there for probably close to fifteen years, and one summer with Sam is all it could take.

I highlighted the wires so you can see what’s left.  Or rather the big holes.

Really, this is why we can’t have nice things.

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The Peachicklet

24 Aug

What’s the hen doing just squatting like that?  She’s keeping her chick warm.  We’ve been cool, so her baby likes to snuggle under her to stay warm.


Sadly, this is the only one left.  I keep blocking holes in the pen, but I still haven’t succeeded at keeping this one in the safety of the pen.

peahen and chick_5816ew

Luckily, as the baby gets bigger, I’m more likely to be successful at keeping her safe, but we’re not at that point quite yet.


You’ll notice the chick is growing a cute little topknot!

Who’s Sitting Now

11 Aug

I have another peahen sitting on a nest.


We’ll see if she hatches anything.

peafowl and chicks_5296e

The other two are still doing well and driving their mom and me crazy with their wandering outside the pen.