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This and That Around the Farm

30 Aug

Things are busy as usual.  In the soap room, I’m making feta and Mozzarella.

I looked like a heart when I cut it. I couldn’t resist having fun.

The feta is something that I have to do on weekends because it’s not hard, but it does take all day to get a batch done.

I’m still getting a few strawberries.

strawberry blossoms

Yes, I’m still feeding them to Mama Phoenix.

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with her once the weather turns cold.  There’s no way I can leave her out in the barn, but I’m not sure how I can bring her in the house (cats and dog).

The silly free-range chicken is still doing whatever she wants.  I’m fine with it as long as she stays away from the dog and goes back so I can shut her in to stay safe at night.

right side hen, free-range hen

I still have a counter full of tomatoes ripening.

I’m keep working on canning them.

roasted tomato sauce

Sometimes, I feel really guilty because I don’t spend enough time tending to my yard, but sometimes I see that I have a flower going to bloom that is really just a weed.  I’m going to call it a flower though and enjoy the benefits of neglecting the yard.

Snickers is hanging in there. I’m cooking him an egg twice a day.  He enjoys lounging on the deck in the evening.


Fionn is still in the Love Shack.  I think he’s feeling better because he’s back to his old hobby of trying to beat the walls down.  Seriously?

Fionn–by the way, the sway back is also a sign of the copper deficiency.

Sky misses me with the school year starting. He lays by the gate and gives me those sad puppy dog eyes every time I have to go out to the barnyard.


I’m looking forward to a three day weekend to try and get caught up a little bit.

Walking Orders

31 May

I did it.  I kicked the two naughty drakes out of the chicken/peacock/duck building.


I left their girlfriend in there.  She’s sitting on a nest.  The two boys keep walking along the pen trying to figure out how to get back in there.



I’m sure they’ll settle down.  It’s not like they’re being neglected.  I gave them a handful of corn when I fed Little Bit and Quigley.

Quigley and Little Bit

Quigley and Little Bit

They also have their pool out there.





They’ve been exploring and enjoying the new grass that’s coming up.



It won’t be long before they settle down.  If their girlfriend hatches ducklings, we’ll let them get a good start, and then I’ll put them out too.

I’m sharing with Song-ography where the song is Keep on Walking by Passenger.  I’m also sharing with SOOC Sunday (all photos) and Bird d’Pot.