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Zucchini Chips

18 Aug

I had a request for my zucchini chip recipe. Well, I don’t really have one.  I can tell you what I do though.

I slice enough zucchinis to cover the four trays I have with my dehydrator.  It takes about one medium-large zucchini. I try to make them really thin.  If you have a mandoline, that would work.  I just use a knife.

Once they are sliced, I sprinkle a packet of Ranch dressing mix on them and toss to make sure they are all coated.  You can use whatever you want–dill, garlic salt, taco seasoning.

Then I lay them on the trays.

When I have them all on there, I start the dehydrater and forget it for an hour.

You do need to rotate the trays so that they dry evenly.

Then they are ready to come off the tray.  Also, don’t leave them too long, or they can get brown from too much drying (I multi-task, so I always end up with a couple of brownish ones.  It’s all good.)

I always have one or two that I cut too thickly and they are still damp.  I just put them back in the dehydrator for a little while longer.

They store well in just a plastic container.

I like when they are nice and thin and crispy!


They Aren’t Helping

15 Aug

We finally woke up to some rain on Monday morning.  We didn’t end up with a lot, but it was enough to keep the goats and llamas in the barn most of the day.

Aurora (a couple of bucks just before they left) and Maybeline in back

That means I didn’t get to do any scooping.  That’s okay.  I kept busy with making cheese and preparing and freezing beans and making zucchini chips.  Tuesday would be better!

But, Tuesday morning started foggy.  It was so wet that it felt like it was raining even though it wasn’t  That means the goats were in the barn again.

I can’t scoop with them in the barn because some of them act like I’m going to use the potato fork on them.


Others want to know where their treat is or just rub their face up and down my backside (seriously Casey).

Harley and Casey

Still others seem to think the spot I need to scoop is a nice place for napping.

Mary with Tootles and Bubbles

Again, I kept myself busy with canning and preparing and dehydrating foods.

chevre draining

By late morning, they went out to pasture and I could get some scooping done.  Sadly, my deadline of going back to work is getting here faster than I would like, but it will be done! How do I know that? Yesterday, we had unseasonably cool weather and the critters went out to pasture early, so I took the opportunity to work on the last section.  It’s done!

All I have left to do is touch up the floor and clean out the manger in the second section (behind Hera and Gidget) and put down a layer of cornstalk bedding.

Hera and Gidget

I think it will fit on the spreader.

Seriously, theis is the second full spreader from the barn.  Those llamas really need to keep their poop piles out of the barn.

Mama and the Strawberries

14 Aug

The strawberry plants I got this summer are doing well in their pots.  They are making runners, which I’m trying to get started in little pots.

When they are well rooted, I want to separate them from the parent plants and put them in this tower.

By next spring they should be well established and ready to make strawberries.

In the meantime, there’s just a few strawberries on the plants this summer.

Most of them have been fed to Mama Phoenix.

Mama Phoenix

She likes them.

You’ll notice, I’m also letting her out in the barnyard when everyone is out in pasture.  That way she has a bit more room and opportunity to act like a chicken.

She seems to enjoy it.