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A New Gadget

17 Jul

With a big garden for a family of one, I tend to have a lot of opportunities to play with my food.  My nephew said he wanted French style green beans.  I ordered a bean Frencher.

Now I just need the garden to cooperate.  I have lots of lovely bean blossoms,

green bean blossoms

but the beans aren’t setting.  We’ve just been too hot.

purple bean blossoms

My sister brought me some beans from her garden.

I got to play with the bean Frencher!

It worked quite well.

These will go to my nephew.

The little farm hand and I worked on the rest of the beans.  They will go home to his family (my other nephew).

Now I just have to wait until fall to see if the cooler weather will let them set beans then.

Keeping Up With the Zucchini

14 Jul

This time of year it’s hard to keep up with the zucchini.  I spent a couple of weeks every single little zucchini on the plants rotting from too much water.  Then I had three days of incredible harvests.  Then the hail and wind pretty much mangled the poor plants who were still awfully fragile from too much water.  I’m not sure they will recover.

I’m trying to use up that huge, sudden harvest.  One of the first things I did was make zucchini brownies with the little farm hand.

the great-nephew

He did a great job of baking.  He approved of the results.

Sky was happy to receive a zucchini as a treat.


The ones that get too big before I pick them get cut up.

Then I give them to the birds.

My new hens have still not done a good job of integrating with the rest of the flock, but I make sure they get a treat too.

I’m working on making a whole winter’s worth of zucchini patties.

They freeze well for a taste of the summer when it’s cold outside.  And if the plants recover, I’ll get to share the harvest with the rest of the family.

A Quick Storm

12 Jul

It’s crazy how our weather just keeps going from one extreme to another. We have been wet. It was so wet that I have had a hard time weeding the garden, and all my little zucchinis were rotting on the vine. Luckily, it dried off, but we went straight to really hot and no rain. At least my zucchinis quit rotting.

But my tomatoes are not looking good.

They are really dry. I’ve watered them, but I’m not sure I started soon enough. It was really quick to being too dry with all that heat.

There have been a few chances for rain, but it misses us. Yesterday afternoon there were more clouds coming in teasing me with a threat of rain. I was afraid to even hope we’d get some.

While I was watering last night, I did notice that my sweet corn was tasseling and starting to make ears. I think it looks pretty. You might notice I have an electric wire around the bottom to keep raccoons away. Hopefully, it works.

I also noticed that there was rain coming. I was happy about that, and I hoped the rain didn’t fall apart before it got here. That’s the way it has been happening.

By the time I got back to the house, we were under a storm warning. I decided to try and get my girls milked before the rain came.

I got Cinnamon and Cutie milked. Just as I kicked Cutie out and called to Ava, we started getting sprinkles.

Cutie heading to the barn, Avril, and Astra wanting her turn to be milked

I had just started milking Ava when it really broke loose. It was crazy loud with lots of hail.

Ava and I hung out in the milk room until it was over. Then I sent her out to the barn.

Then I went to make sure I still had all of my windows. Everything at home was fine.

Then it was time to head back up to the garden to see how it faired. The zucchini and potatoes were rather wind blown.

There were some holes in the leaves.

Some of the sweet corn was leaning a bit.

Luckily my field corn looked fine.

The sun came back out.

The goats were enjoying the leaves that were blown off the trees.


I am grateful for the rain, but we could really have done without the hail.