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Updates and Preparing to Leave

29 Jun

With mixing the herd together again, that means Moose is back on the side of the barnyard where the chicken pen is.


And he immediately decided to see if he could get in there.  He is such a brat.

Is it me, or is Odie using Ostara as a scratching post?  Never seen her do that to a goat before.

Ostara and Odie (Cinnamon in front)

Speaking of Ostara, she’s actually been letting me pet her again.  Most of the time.

I had to adjust my rhubarb’s cages.  My dog was peeing on it.

Hopefully the bigger space will help protect it from Sky.

Oh, I’ve also made progress on getting the deck sealed.

I still need to do another coat on the flat boards and I haven’t done the vertical ones yet, but the weather and everything else has made it difficult. By “everything else” I do mean goats.

While I’ve been working on the deck and front yard, I did some weed removal and created a rock garden.  It’s not done, but it should hold the weeds back while I’m gone.

I have the cattle tank up and running to try and make chores easier while I’m gone.

I’ve been working to get the garden in shape as well.  I even have someone kind enough to check it for me while I’m away.

Garden (in the process of finding everything)

I got the buck room scooped out.

It’s a good thing I finished because there isn’t really more room on the manure spreader.

I had to take frequent breaks because a pair of barn swallows had just hatched babies and they really needed me to not be in there so they could take care of the little ones.

At my age, I was more than happy to take long, frequent breaks.  For the babies, of course.

Xerxes seems to be a bit confused as to what happened to all that soft bedding (manure and hay) that he got to sleep on.


I even spent an evening testing out the tent and air mattress.

I am really getting excited for this trip!

Odds and Ends

18 May

My corn was planted this weekend.  After a cold, wet start to the spring planting season, farmers have been planting as quickly as they can to get everything planted. Now we just have to hope for a good growing season.

My garden was tilled this weekend as well.  I’m afraid to plant because it’s supposed to be pretty cool this coming weekend.  I’ll probably wait until next week to plant.

It’s smaller this year because I just can’t keep up with everything.  Also, we are leaving for two weeks for vacation this summer, so I need to have a bit less to deal with.

Salem–just because he’s cute.

Um. At some point, I need to decide what to do with the blog while we are gone–just post a couple of farm pictures each day or maybe give a few vacation updates.

The chickens and goose are sharing a nest in their new accommodations.

I’m still working on getting my yards into shape.  I did manage to get a lot more tamed down this past weekend. Caroline was helping me with cleaning up some scrub mulberry.

I even managed to get everything under the windmill cleaned up.

I have been cutting a lot of asparagus for the last week.  It just came up like crazy when we turned warm.  I’ve already cut more than I got all of last year.

I did my first planting of the year.  I put in some rhubarb.

Hopefully, my dog will not destroy it.

The Family that Wines Together

21 Feb

We had some good quality family time this weekend.  Mom, my son, nephews Brandon and Jeremy and Jeremy’s girlfriend, Jackie, came out this weekend and we started some more wines.  My aunt had frozen her concord grapes and given them to us.  We also dug around in my freezer and my sister’s freezer and found some apple juice and red raspberries.

The first night was mostly spent deciding what to do with the fruit and thawing them out.  I love mixing the fruits and figuring out a recipe for them.  I have to say, we have come up with some pretty amazing wines.

The grapes are just going to be a plain grape; boring but concord grapes have such a strong flavor I don’t think they would blend well.  We decided to combine the apple juice and raspberries and see what we could come up with.  Melting those solid raspberries took forever.

We called it a night and the next day we got these two combinations started.  Then we decided to start a batch of strawberry rhubarb.  This is one we made last year that my son really likes.

While we were at it, we racked the strawberry wine we started about a month ago.  Look at all that sediment in the bottom.  The strawberries just fall apart during the primary blending.

After racking, we had only half the amount as before and we can already see a lot of sediment in the bottom again.

For the amount of fruit and work, I’m not sure this one is worth it.  I love making wine and spending quality time with the family!