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Getting Through the Cold

8 Jan

Last week started nice, but Wednesday flipped the switch, and we’ve been miserably cold and windy since.  It’s been a challenge just to do chores and keep everyone going.

Maybeline, Odie, and the goats

The breeding groups have proved a bit of a challenge. Kind of.  Xerxes and his girls are really pretty crowded in there.  As soon as they start getting bred, I’ll move them back to the main herd.

LilyAnn, Joy’s back end, Xerxes, and Daisy

Benji and his girls are nice and cozy, but the lean-to isn’t quite as warm.  I need to do some work up there next spring.

Benji and Venus (Chiffon behind)

The two little bucks were acting like bucks with Flower and Antigone when I put them in there, so I let Antigone out.  It didn’t take too long for them to settle down with Flower.

Frodo (Lemuel inside)

I did finally put Antigone in with Freddie and his group.


Penelope also decided she wanted to go in there.   That’s fine. There’s plenty of room.

Penelope and her sister Flora

I just have a hard time getting Freddie to let me open the door without smashing other goats or jumping on the gate.  He is being a pain in there.

Freddie (my makeshift gate is a challenge)

I’m also trying to keep a close eye on my old ladies. I have so many old ones that I worry about when it’s cold.


Aurora and I about froze standing out in the negative wind chills while she ate her extra feed, but she got it. I do think she’s holding her own. You know, as long as I keep giving her the extra feed.


Perdita and Pretzel are the two little ones I worry about.  Haley has actually been pretty good to Pretzel and she seems to be doing okay. Haley is also back on the pain meds to help that back ankle where she had surgery and has arthritis and bone spurs.

Pretzel and Haley

Perdita I’m trying to make sure she always gets a little pile of hay to herself, and I’ve been letting her come into the chicken pen when I feed, so she can eat some corn.

Perdita (stretching)

It seems that our stretch of miserable cold has come to an end.  Within in a couple of days, it looks like a stretch of above average temperatures.  Sigh….I still want a long stretch of average.

Xerxes’ Kids

12 Nov

I know I’ve said before that I never know what size of kid I’m going to get from Xerxes. He is a pretty big buck.

Xerxes Osboer

His dad was a big buck.


However, his mom was quite small and fine in her build.

Coffee with Mocha and Java (2012)

I kept him because I thought I’d be more likely to get small kids from him with his mom being sooo small.  But I never know what I’m going to get from him.

Butterscotch and Scooter (from Reva and Xerxes)

This might illustrate the extremes.  Onyx was born last March; Purl was born last June.  They are both Xerxes girls.

Onyx and Purl

They both have big moms.

Hilda (Purl’s maa) and Victoria (Onyx’s maa)

They are the only two girls I kept from Xerxes last year.  Honestly, Onyx is the smallest and Purl is the largest of the girls I kept last year.

2TC (my oopsie girl who came from Tootles); behind her is Joy, another small Xerxes girl.

In the photo below, Coral (10 1/2 years old) is in front; three yearlings are in the middle (2TC, Popcorn, and Purl) and two-year-old Venus and Penelope are in the back.  Purl is a big girl.

I seriously never know what I’m going to get from him.

Benji’s Girls

10 Nov

I had four girls with Benji to make spring break kids.

Benji checking out Caroline

I already shared that Chiffon and Venus had come into heat, so no spring break babies from them.


Well, this last week, Trace came into heat.  I counted back three weeks, and she was probably in heat about the day before I put the bucks and does together.  Figures.

Trace (and big sister Bubbles in back)

The next day 2TC came into heat.  I knew when I put her in there that it would be lucky if she actually got bred for spring break babies, but I thought I’d try it.


That means the only one who might give me a Benji baby over spring break is Cupid.  And that is only because I saw her come into heat the day after I pulled the girls out and he was the closest buck for me to put her with.  I should know within a few days if she settled or not.

The waiting is torture.