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Getting Ready

27 May

I am more than ready for summer.  Trust me on that one.  But that’s not what this post is about.  Remember all those things I said I had to do this summer.  Well, that’s what I’m getting ready to do.

I couldn’t resist getting a house plant when I got my garden plants.

One thing that put me behind was my Ranger not running.  It would start and then die, like it wasn’t getting gas.  So my dad came out yesterday morning to load it up and haul it to the shop.  (Thanks to Dad for the pictures)

Um. It didn’t go quite as planned.

He had to get a loader and pull it out of the floor and back onto solid wood.  Oops.

On the way back from dropping it off, he picked up my panels and boards so that I can start fixing the chicken/peacock/goose outdoor pen.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy this weekend, I also stopped on my way home from work to pick up the stuff to seal/finish the deck.

Now I just need sunshine and a plan to keep the dog from tromping through my work.  He seems to think it’s time to play.

Sky with his Jolly Ball

My mom came out last Monday, and we planted garden.  I got as much done as I could before the next two days of rain.

Mom in the garden

I have just a few things left to plant, and then the garden is ready for summer!

cucumbers and celery (with strawberries in the back)

I am soooooo ready for summer!