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Update on the New Fence

18 Jul

While I’ve had the little farm hand helping me, his dad has been working on my fence.

We got the rest of the fence removed.  That took some getting used to.

Then my nephews came and started setting the new posts.

They used barbed wire to make a straight line.  It also gets put on top (in case I ever have cows who like to lean on fences).

The woven wire was stretched across.

The birds seem to be happy to have their perch back.

They also made a nice square corner in the back where I had hobbled it together with a panel.  It’s cleaned up now.

I do have a few places to add panels at the bottom where there were trees or water running through causing it to cut.  I’m pretty sure this would not even cause Hera or Caroline to pause before going through.

We added a lot of new space to the lane. We used panels for that because it’s hard to stretch woven wire in such short distances.

The gates aren’t here yet, but there will be a gate to the cornfield and one for me to shut them off of the Back Forty if I need.  The lane is also wider than it was before it cuts out to pasture.

Edith managed to escape into the lane.


I had to help her find a place to get back to her sister.  I think they are the only two small enough to get out.

Kate and Edith

We cleared the trees because they were getting too big for the goats to do it, but they will keep the scrub trees from there now.

They added a bit of the space just to the west of the barn for them to run around in.

The path to the pasture was always wet.  That is hard on goat feet.

While he was working out there, my nephew put a short tile in.

It’s already drier out there.  I’m really excited for the goats to get out there.

Drama in the Barnyard

16 Jul

Usually  things are pretty mellow in the barnyard.

Mary and Bubbles

Edith, Archie, and Kate behind

Tish and LilyAnn


Goats just lounge around.  Well, a monster came yesterday.

the little farm hand

The little farm hand was apparently quite scary to the goats.

We mostly got to see tails as they ran away.

I think Quatro (and Onyx) was about the only one to stand still and let the little farm hand pet him.


Keeping Up With the Zucchini

14 Jul

This time of year it’s hard to keep up with the zucchini.  I spent a couple of weeks every single little zucchini on the plants rotting from too much water.  Then I had three days of incredible harvests.  Then the hail and wind pretty much mangled the poor plants who were still awfully fragile from too much water.  I’m not sure they will recover.

I’m trying to use up that huge, sudden harvest.  One of the first things I did was make zucchini brownies with the little farm hand.

the great-nephew

He did a great job of baking.  He approved of the results.

Sky was happy to receive a zucchini as a treat.


The ones that get too big before I pick them get cut up.

Then I give them to the birds.

My new hens have still not done a good job of integrating with the rest of the flock, but I make sure they get a treat too.

I’m working on making a whole winter’s worth of zucchini patties.

They freeze well for a taste of the summer when it’s cold outside.  And if the plants recover, I’ll get to share the harvest with the rest of the family.