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Friday Afternoon Leftovers

15 Oct

Just a bit of stuff from around the farm:

Antigone looks really good after a year off from having babies.

Mrs. Goose

She’s molting right now.

Hilda and Purl. I think Purl is happy her little brother and sister are shut away.

Maybeline and Aurora

Mr. Peacock

He’s starting to grow his feathers back in.


My sweet girls–Haley and Pretzel

We are trying to get back to normal after all the repair work from the derecho. (Sky)

The Deck

18 Sep

There’s still work going on.  The shingles are done, but there’s still work on the soffit and fascia.  I’m switching from black, which fades and looks horrible over time, to white.  It isn’t as dramatic, but hopefully it stays white.

Black on the left; original wood in the middle and lower level; white on the top right

After the roof, the next project will be replacing the deck.  You might recall that it was pretty damaged in the derecho also.

Well, in order for it to be replaced, I had to do some weed and scrub tree removal.

Seriously.  I just can’t keep up.

And with the death of the big oak tree in my front yard (and the magnolia that was taken out in the derecho), there’s a lot more sunshine and the weeds and scrub trees grow much faster.

I also have wild grapes growing back there.  I really had planned last year on using the vines for a project and then getting rid of them, but that didn’t work out. Now I need to get rid of them again, and I’m guessing once again I won’t have time for the fun, crafty project.

Anyhow, I spent part of last weekend trying to make the deck accessible to tear out and replace.  I’m working on it.

It will be interesting to see how my dog reacts to all the deck removal and building.


He’s been good with the roof so far, but it’s harder to go stick your nose in someone’s face when they are on the roof.

A New Pet

19 Dec

Not really a new pet, but someone has decided to take up residence under my deck since I dont’ have a dog.


The little brat actually growled at me while I was trying to get a decent picture.


It didn’t take long to decide to amble off.  I’m not sure if it was because of my gawking or the flash or the fact that the rainwater in the dog bowl had frozen.


There s/he goes down the front steps.  Yes, those are goat berries from Pistol and Muffin on my deck.


Back under the deck again until I leave him/her alone.  I’ll be mad if we end up with a bazillion little oppossums running around.


The cats aren’t too sure about this new guy, but at least they don’t fight with the oppossum like they do the cats that come onto our property.

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