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Yard Work

10 May

With the rainy, windy, cold weather, it’s been hard to get yard work done.  By the time we got good weather on Friday, I was ready to get work done.  (I took a personal day from work because of Caroline and Tansy and just because.)

Luckily my dad had gone up earlier in the week and rearranged his tractors so I could actually get to my. mower.  He also helped me get my push mower going.

I mowed and trimmed and got the weed eater out.

It’s better.  I still have work to do, but I had to stop.

This was part way through the removal process

I am not a fan of cockleburs.  Even more so now.  Thanks to my wonderful mother, I didn’t have to just cut the mess out.

Anyhow, on Saturday, I went up north.  I got that yard taken care of also (and no cockleburs).

At least for now.