Wild Weather

28 Dec

Our wild weather continues.  After record high temperatures with tornadoes and a derecho on the 15th, we are still having weather challenges.  The day after Christmas saw fairly warm weather.  Just as I was coming in from milking, I started hearing thunder and seeing lightning.

By the time I got in the house, the rain really picked up.  Then there was hail.  That’s crazy.  We are not supposed to have thunderstorms and hail this time of year.

Hail on the deck.

Now we’re cooling down. Tuesday morning, just as I was getting Salem out to the car for his vet visit, the freezing rain started.

Salem napping after we got home from his first round of vaccinations.

Luckily, my trip to the vet is almost all gravel.  It wasn’t bad driving down, but by the time I got to the highway on my way home, the vehicles were traveling really slowly, and two trucks had simply pulled off the road.  I decided to go a little farther, but stick with gravel.  I made it home, but my patio was already getting slick.

It covered the window in ice.

It was still raining (and freezing) in the early afternoon.  There was quite a bit of ice building up on the trees.  Thankfully, there wasn’t any wind.

Sky is hibernating in the house (just a quick run out to take care of business).

The goats haven’t been out to pasture, so as soon as I schedule this post, I’m going out to give them some hay.

Bambi, Popcorn, and Flora

Tomorrow, the temperatures are supposed to go down.  By Saturday, we’re expecting another round of snow and a high temperature of about 7°F.



At least we’ve had some pretty sunsets as a consolation to these weather challenges.


3 Responses to “Wild Weather”

  1. Jeanne December 28, 2021 at 7:36 pm #

    Well, you’ve really had some nasty weather! Good grief! Your icy window is actually quite pretty! I’m glad you made it to the vet’s office and back safely.

    We started with a snowstorm on Sunday morning, By last night we had about a foot and a half of the white stuff. This morning, we had even more. And for this area, the temps have been pretty cold, in the low 30’s, It’s been difficult trying to keep the house warm enough for comfort. Little Rico, my daughter’s service dog doesn’t like the snow at all! She has to clear a path for him before he will go out to do his business. We rarely get this much snow.

    Your sunset pictures are beautiful!

    • Teresa December 28, 2021 at 10:01 pm #

      I saw your blizzard. Stay safe!

  2. janicead December 28, 2021 at 9:06 pm #

    Our weather has not been as bad as yours this December. The ice on the trees poses such a danger to power lines, homes, and all sorts of things. Ice on porches is bad business for all us humans. Be safe and glad it was winter break!

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