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A Winter Storm?

16 Dec

You might have seen our weird weather on the news.  Yesterday, we had a high wind warning.  They even let us out of school early so they could get kids home and the busses of the roads before it got really bad.  The wind guests overnight were expected to be over 70 mph.

We almost had whitecaps on the water.

It let me get home and feed the goats and then pick up the food pans.

Being goats, they just went back out to pasture.

The layer of loose dirt was already all blown clear.


I tell you, I felt like I was living in some weird version of The Amityville Horror with all the flies the warm temperatures brought out.

And it smelled like April tornado weather.  This is not typical December weather; in fact, it set the all time record high for the month of December.

The highest temperature recorded was 74. I missed that while doing chores.

I was quite worried for my trees.  After the derecho last year, they are still looking pretty battered and high winds are the last thing they need.  My hope was that not having leaves would help keep them safe though.


The tarp blowing out the window.

Then after I came in after shutting the birds in, I checked the radar again.  That was really scary.  Within a few minutes there was a line of tornado warnings pretty much across the whole state from top to bottom.

I called my mom and told her she better get out here before it hit because I was not driving through debris again.  Then I started moving animals into the soap room because it’s probably the safest place on the farm and I can actually get Sky in there (he won’t go in the basement).

Sky and Bob eating.

Rocky and Tiger checking things out.

So we all chilled in the soap room.

Sky and Bob

Mom and I played cribbage.

After the line of severe weather went through, mom went home and we went back to the house.  Of course, there was still really strong winds behind the storms, but I felt a lot better after the severe weather went through.

Bob (yes, he’s been fighting again)

But after the storms came the high winds.  The gusts were still in the 60 – 70+ mph range.  Then I started smelling smoke.  It concerns me when I smell smoke with my barn and buildings.  I braved the winds to check it out, and was surprised to see my barn doors wide open.

Reva going in the barn for a snack.

I couldn’t get them shut on my own, so I called my son. While I waited for him, I had to use the cattle panel to keep the goats from feasting.

Pretzel “helping” me

We decided there was no way it would stay with just the board (sticking out from the door), so he had the great idea to use the Ranger.

I am ready for some calmer weather.

I had to go to work this morning, so the goats got to play on it all day.

Oh, and by the way, the smoky smell was all across the state, but the smoke was coming from Kansas.  And I never wanted to tag another post with derecho, but the Washington Post is referring to the storm system as a derecho.  Once again, I am very grateful for how lucky we were.