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More Weather Woes

14 Apr

We had two beautiful days this week that were normal April days.  Now we’re back to crappy early March weather.  Seriously.  We’ve had wind.

I woke to find the tree that I had finally accepted was going to have to come down this summer had already come down.  The one tree managed to take out two fences.

At least it didn’t touch the road.  At least it wasn’t a tornado like they had to the southwest of me.

We’ve had rain.  I don’t know why the llamas are staying outside.  They could actually walk into the barn if they wanted to.

We’ve had hail.  Luckily it was small and not very much (Actually, it’s hail you see on the llama’s back in the image above).

We’ve had snow.  At least it’s not the blizzard warning they have to the north of me.

More snow is in the forecast for tomorrow.  For Reference 29*F = -1.67*C, and our normal for this time is 61*F = 16.1*C.

Next weekend is already looking horrible.  We really need some better weather.  Now.  Last week.  Please…

The only silver lining is that it’s starting to get a bit more green out in the Back Forty.


June at Eden Hills

22 Jun

June is a beautiful month around here.  There’s lots of things going on.

We’ve planted the soybeans, and they have come up.  They are growing well.

Everything in the Back Forty is growing like crazy, and we’ve turned the cows out to feast.

It’s also the time of year when we need to turn the tall grass into hay for the winter.  We need the weather to cooperate for that task.

Unfortunately, it’s been a very wet month, but I guess the rain is good for the wildflowers.

We’ve had several storms with rain and hail, and I guess I slept through a near tornado.

I’d say Bob got caught out in the pasture when it started raining!  He doesn’t look like a very happy cat.

Of course, we’ve had all kinds of kids arrive this month.  They are the most fun when they are little!

I must say, I simply am in love with Coral!  Just look at that sweetie!  Who wouldn’t want little goatie kisses?

Coral and Mom

J is for June, and June is wonderful!  Be sure to visit Jenny Matlock for more posts featuring the letter J.