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A Frosty Morning Walk

30 Nov

I did take some time over the weekend to go out to pasture with the goats.  They are heading out quite early, so it was still frosty when I joined them.

It’s getting awfully brown out there now.

But there’s still plenty for them to eat.

Flora and Popcorn


Zinnia and Victoria pushing each other

Taqnsy (with her mom in the background)

Rosie in front; Penelope behind

Victoria, Chiffon, and Casey

I even got to take a picture of Pretzel before she noticed me.


After that, she was underfoot again.

I will say, the goats are all looking pretty good out here.

More From My Long Weekend

29 Nov

In addition to winterizing on the long weekend, I did some routine work on the goats.  I had several of them come in to get their hooves trimmed.

Bambi even came in to get her hooves trimmed!

I also canned another batch of vegetable stock.  This should last me most of the winter.

I’m still milking Zinnia and Joy.  I’m still drowning in more milk than I can go through, so I decided to make mozzarella sticks.


My mom came out and we set up an assembly line to get them done.

Of course, Sky (and Tiger) were mostly underfoot the entire time.


I’m also still making and delivering yogurt to the family, but they need to eat it much more quickly.

A Productive Break

28 Nov

I spent some time working over my Thanksgiving break from the off-farm job. Bright and early on Wednesday morning, I took Bob and Rocky to the vet for their annual shots.

Bob and Rocky

I managed to get most of my winterizing done in the barnyard.

I switched to the big tub and put the heater in it.


Of course, everyone is upset because there’s a change.  They are not fans of change.  But it got down to 14°F the night after I got it all done.  I had no time to spare.

Maybeline looking annoyed

I also moved the “shade” tarp, so it is a wind break.

Cutie checking it out.

I finally got all the tomato cages pulled out of the garden.

I didn’t get it mowed off, but it will provide shelter for some wild critters.  The milkweed will also spread its seeds.

I also had a dumpster delivered.  I need that.  Hopefully, I can get a lot of my barnyard (and upstairs and basement) cleaned up.

It’s scary how a farm (and person) accumulates so much junk. I blame the goats breaking stuff.