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There’s Always Something

2 Dec

When you have animals, there’s always something going on.  Even routine things can end up being a problem.  For example, when I trimmed Cinnamon’s hooves, I made her hoof bleed. Barely, but I did put a pretty purple bandage on it for. her.

Cinnamon with her purple bandage

Haley is doing well, but I think the cold is bothering her foot.  It was a major surgery, and I might have to start her back on the anti-inflammatory.  They did tell me she had spurs and arthritis, so she would probably appreciate it.


Now, Benji is the one giving me grief.  He suddenly has diarrhea.  I’m trying to take care of it, but he isn’t responding to my treatments.


He acts fine, but he’s a mess.

The little ones up there with him are fine, so I have no idea what is going on.


Then there’s Trace.  She decided she didn’t want to wait until January to make kids, so she joined the bucks.

Bubbles and Joy following Daisy and Bubbles

I am thinking the one oopsie baby per week is going to make April a long month.  They better stop this.