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The Next Kids

13 Mar

After lunch, we had a lull in the babies.  The weather has been a bit crazy with one front after another passing through, so lots of girls look like they might be kidding, but then they settle back down.  It’s also why you get crappy cell phone pictures.  All the rain has added another level of crazy to everything.  I am grateful that I managed to scrounge and cut panels at the ice level and make enough pens.

I keep checking them and doing those everyday things that need to be done.  Checking goats and laughing at Dolly in the big tub is always fun.

Dolly (Clover behind)

One of those things everyday things today was running Hilda’s boy, Gouda, to the vet for a clip on each eye because they were entropion.


I’ve also started Blaze on an antibiotic because she has mastitis.  That also means I’m helping feed her boys.

When I went out about 6:30 Tuesday evening, I opened the door to the garage and immediately noticed that Bonnie had kids!

She has two little girls!

I love it when I just walk out and all the excitement is over and the kids are just getting ready to nurse.  It makes my job much easier. Although she does have one girl who is a bit weak, so I’m helping feed her while she gets stronger.

Then there’s Reva.  She went into labor late Wednesday morning.


It took forever, but I finally got a big boy pulled out of her.

These fat girls need to have two small ones, not one big one.  It would be easier for all of us.


Having My Babies

6 Jun

After a whole night of checking Sallie every hour because she was standing like she was in labor, her day passed without any kids also.  Saturday night was looking to be another every hour check.  Thankfully, between my midnight and one in the morning check, she had given birth.  Two girls.

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Zoe (back) and Buffy (front)

Sadly, Sallie has mastitis, so I am bottle feeding her kids.  One is doing great, but the other is not doing well. I’m not sure if she drank colostrum with bacteria or what.  I’m hoping for the best and giving her antibiotics.

Then in the afternoon, when I was going back to check on Sallie and her girls, I heard a kid cry.  I was afraid Harley lost a kid in pasture, but no!  Maggie was in the Quonset hut with a brand new Strawberry kid.

Maggie and Strawberry

Maggie and Strawberry

After a while, she tried having the second, but it had a front leg bent back from the shoulder, so I had to straighten that out before Chocolate could arrive.

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Strawberry and Maggie cleaning off Chocolate

Then she finally moved the thir baby into place, bu there was only one leg and some other body part down there.  I finally figured out it was a back leg and tail.  I had to go in and find the other leg and get it straightened out before Vanilla arrived.

Maggie and Vanilla

Maggie and Vanilla

Just a short time after that, I was coming out to give Sallie’s girls a bottle andn saw Vixen had long strings of stuff hanging.  When I got closer, I could see two feet and a nose all right there.  I straightened out the front legs, and her  baby fell out.

Vixen's buck

Vixen’s buck

He was immediately followed by his sister.  You can check out a video of these two HERE.  You can also get much more up-to-the-minute kidding news there.

Saanen Doe_8462ews

Vixen’s Doe

This one is just what I asked for!  A pretty little Sam and Vixen doe with wattles who is also super sweet!  I forgot to put in the request for no entropion eye though.

Vixen's Doe

Vixen’s Doe

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To Breed or Not To Breed

23 Oct

This week I will be mixing some girls and boys to have spring break kids.  There are some that I am not sure about, but Lily is not one of those.  I am certain she’s not getting bred.  She had her twins at the end of February and two days later was septic with mastitis.  I’ve never seen a goat go from so healthy to so sick that quickly.


I’d like not to see that again, so even though she’s looking fat good, she’s retired.  There are two other girls that got mastitis this year also.  It really was a horrible bacteria year due to the lack of winter.


Sugar is young and healthy and beautiful and has good genetics.  I caught Sugar’s quickly, and her udder doesn’t look too bad.  I’m going to wean her last kid this weekend, and hopefully, I can get someone to help me do a direct treatment of antibiotics into her teat.  Hopefully that will keep her healthy and let her not have problems next year.

Annie is in the same boat, except her kid has already been weaned and she’s had the treatment. I would love to breed her to Boeris and get girls to keep.


I will keep a very close eye on those two girls just in case they do have problems again.  I’ll be ready.

There are also three girls that I had retired, but I think they will be coming out of retirement.  First is Joe.  She is in great health, but she has bad feet.  As long as I keep them trimmed well, she will be fine.  She also has kids easily, raises them and they are great!


Pam was going to be able to retire after she had Maisie, but she enjoys being a mom.  She’s been almost climbing into the boys’ pens when she’s in heat.  She certainly is adamant about having kids again.


Finally, I have Meg.  She didn’t get bred last year because she got hoof rot during a really dry spell.  Don’t know how, but she did, so I gave her the year off and figured it was just retirement.


But now, I’ve lost her daughter Jilly.  Her other daughter is Muffin, who lost her twins to Cache Valley Fever while she was at the peak of her milk production.  Because of her temperament, I couldn’t milk her out at all and help her dry up.  Now her udder looks worse than anyone else’s here.

I do have her daughter Jelly, but Jelly has something funky going on with her back legs.  She’s happy and healthy, but I swear she’s part fainting goat or something.  There are times she just seems to trip over grass, and pregnancy would be horrible on her.

Jelly and Muffin

Any of you goat people have a suggestion for poor Muffin’s udder?

Anyhow, if I want to continue Meg’s line, she’s going to have to have another daughter for me.  She’s in great shape and was one of the girls I milked last year.

I’m afraid I’m going to have more goats retired than not pretty soon, but I hate the idea of selling adult goats at the sale barn.  Far worse than going into the food supply would be someone buying them to breed.  I’d hate to see them just boomerang from owner to owner.  They deserve much better than that, so I guess that means they just get to stay here.

Not all of these girls will come into heat for spring break kids, but they are some that have been on my mind a lot.

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