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Some Updates

12 Apr

I haven’t said much about my water situation–the hydrant not working and not getting replaced before the ground froze.  Well, I am grateful for my cattle tank.  It’s done its job all winter.

Antigone getting a drink from the cattle tank.

I can’t believe how long Anita’s eye clip stayed on.  I finally took it off  because I didn’t want it to start irritating because it was in there for so long.  Her eye still looks good.

Anita just before her eye clip came off.

I still can’t get Hilda’s boys to take a good bottle.  I still keep trying and squeezing it in their mouths until they just let it drool out.

Jasper by big sister, Purl

It does make me happy to say I’ve seen Horace and Jasper out nibbling new green grass with their mom.  I hope they can keep going until their rumens start functioning and they can get what they need from food other than milk. I think Hilda even looks a little better.

Horace nibbling grass with maa, Hilda

Moxie is doing well.  Her mom is feeding her, but she will still take an occasional bottle when I’m trying to feed the boys.  I am all good with that because it keeps her sweet.


Things are mostly calm with the two bucks.  I’ve only seen Xerxes try to kill Frodo once.


Frodo was foolish enough to be fighting back.  I suggested he just run because he’s faster than Xerxes.  That could be his super power.  Unfortunately, he’s been a little pushy with me.  I keep warning him he better be nice like his grandpa Fionn and not mean like his dad because I won’t keep someone who tries to kill me.


Chiffon’s second baby was pretty small and weak when he was born.  They were five days early.  When I went out for a middle of the night check that night, he was horribly rattly in his breathing.  So at 3:30 am I started him on meds to try and help clear his lungs.  He got really bad, but he is doing better now.


Her other boy has been bouncy from the start.  You’d never know he was early.


It’s time for copper again–I see the same streak of hair loss on Athena that her mom used to get.


It’s never ending chores on the farm.

But now, I have new spring muck boots.  Yes, I know that shouldn’t be a big deal, but look–they are clean. They’ll never, ever be clean again.

And I wish all of my updates could be happy, but we lost one of Ava’s triplets.  Her boy that looked like Benji got hurt and couldn’t be saved.

Moms and Kids

29 Mar

I have to say, I’m glad I only had nine girls settle for spring break because this has been a rough round.  Hilda was my oldest girl bred, and she will be retiring.  She is struggling to feed the boys, and they are not good about taking a bottle.

Hilda with Horace and Jasper nursing

And she looks horrible.  She’s certainly earned retirement.


Cutie is doing well, but she started out with mastitis.  Thankfully, she responded quickly to the meds, and all is well.

Cutie and BJ

Anita’s eye ended up getting infected, so she had to go back to the vet to get a shot of antibiotics.  Then Mom was coming out to help me put salve in it.  She’s doing really well now.

Anita playing on her mom,LilyAnn

At least Perdita’s milk came in.  It just took a couple of days with some supplemental bottles.

Perdita and Moxie

It’s not all been struggles.  There are a lot of happy healthy moms and kids.

Athena and Roger

Aphrodite with Cruella and Estella

Penelope feeding Nessa

Melba nursing Onyx

And we’re doing better every day!

Goat Herder’s Log: Thursday 3/16/23

18 Mar

I apologize in advance for nothing but horrible cell phone pictures, but the weather was not going to let me use my big girl camera.  I also apologize for the long post, but it was a long day.

0600:  Temperatures around 47°F. Checked goats and felt Aphrodite was in labor even though she hadn’t moved all night.  She was talking, and I just knew.

0730:  Went out to check Aphrodite.  Situation the same.  LilyAnn is doing a lot of talking, but the outside goats are headed out to pasture.

0800: Went to check Aphrodite.  She had a doe kid with her, already mostly cleaned off.  I think Athena might be in labor.  Maybe Cutie. We’ll see.

Aphrodite and her girl

0820:  Went back out and the second kid, another doe, had just been born.

Aphrodite and her second girl

0906: Temperatures around 46°F. It started raining. Onyx, Victoria, and Melba were snuggled together in the buck room.

Melba, Victoria, and Onyx

I went out to make sure LilyAnn wasn’t going to stay in pasture to give birth (like last year).  Discovered Zora stuck in the fence. What a bratopotamus!  Freed her.  The goats all came up from pasture.

Daisy and Zora leading the herd back to the barnyard.

Penelope leading the moms’ group back up.

1000: Temperature is at 45°F. Another light round of rain is moving through.  Athena is still in labor, but no hard contractions.  As all the other girls came up from pasture, LilyAnn was already in the greenhouse by herself.  Another sign she is going to kid today.

1050: Temperature is 44° F, and the rain is falling more steadily.  Athena is still standing and talking.  LilyAnn’s contractions are stronger and more frequent.  Time to take towels to the greenhouse and keep a closer watch.

1107: Made it back to the greenhouse with towels, and she was pushing hard. Pulled LilyAnn’s girl because there was a foot folded back.  Big girl.  Pulled her boy.  All are doing well.

LilyAnn and babies

1140:  Temperature is holding at 44°F.  It’s still a steady rain.  Athena is getting louder and I think I saw her have a contraction.


Penelope is in the Love Shack.  She might be in labor. We’ll see.


1230: Temperature holding; a pause in the rain–just sprinkles.  LilyAnn’s babies are up and doing well.  Came out of the greenhouse to the sounds of a goat screaming–rushed over and helped Penelope with her big Frodo girl.  Athena is still loudly complaining.

Another girl! My first Frodo baby.

1400: Temperatures down to 38°F and intermittent rain.  I’ve lost all control. Aphrodite is trying to kill everyone.  Hilda decided to try to kill Purl.  The temperatures are quickly dropping and a wind advisory starts at 1600 hours.  Athena is still in labor.

1530:  Aphrodite is penned.  Penelope has been moved.  Hilda and Purl’s pen has been divided in half.  The vet was here for Caroline.

Aphrodite and babies

Divided Hilda and Purl’s pen

Athena and Cutie on half the garage

1600:  LilyAnn has been moved.  I noticed a seriously entropion eye.

The other half of the garage

LilyAnn’s girl–bottom lid is seriously curled under.

1620:  Mom arrived to take LilyAnn’s doe to the vet.  Athena’s labor is increasing.

1700:  I pull Athena’s babies.  She is a lunatic pawing the ground; pawing the babies; trying to kill me as I try to keep her babies safe.  She is crazy.  The winds have picked up and it’s now snowing.

Athena and her kids

Looking out the garage window

1720:  Mom is back with the baby.  Bling in place.

She really is better; my picture is just horrible.

1800:  Temperature is 31°F; snow is falling; wind advisory. Wind chill is about 18°F. Things are finally starting to calm down.  Just a few goats left to check overnight.